News WWE Corrects Potential Royal Rumble Spoiler On John Cena

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 13, 2015.

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    - Good!
  2. This is the one match where I actually seem to find myself rooting for Cena.
  3. Idk, these things show up every now and then and I can't recall whether they normally end up being true or not so meh.
  4. I'm rooting for anyone but Cena.
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  5. [​IMG]
    we know
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  6. :bischoff:
  7. I'd love for Brock to drop the title, I can barely rember what the belt lools like, what with it rarely ever appearing these days....
  8. If either Cena or Rollins (regularly or via MITB briefcase) end up winning the title, then Lesnar will invoke his rematch clause, right? Since he won't be working Fast Lane or whatever that PPV's name is, then we'd see the champion (Cena/Rollins) vs the challenger (Lesnar) and the RR winner (Bryan/Reigns) defend the title at Mania.

    I don't see much point in having Lesnar drop the title to either Rollins or Cena only to compete for it again at WM 31.
  9. Regardless, the sooner Lesnar loses it, the better as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Oh, I see... Well, we might as well see that at the Rumble, but I'd rather see it at Mania.
  11. Lesnar is an amazing champion, everything you could hope for in pro wrestling. Blame WWE for being cheap and retarded. I agree he needs to appear more, but what is the point of rushing him to drop it at this point? This time of year is when he will actually start appearing, plus dropping it at Mania is more impactful and a bigger rub for whoever takes it off of him.
  12. ^ Just to add to 'he will actually start appearing'. I think I've read somewhere he's scheduled to appear 3 weeks in a row after the Rumble.
    So it should be interesting.
  13. Lesnar is bailing, and Cena is losing the belt at/after WM, probably the night after to Mr. MITB. I'm not disappointed, Heyman is playing Rollins and it's going to screw Bork over.

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  14. Pretty big chance he takes it back at the Fast Lane or whateverthefuckever and we get Cena/Lesnar 27 at WM.
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  15. you have to be kidding.....
  16. Nope, I like Lesnar the best out of the 3 but I also want to see him lose the belt so it can be regularly seen on air.. although I guess if he wins the build up to WM should heavily feature him so we may be out of that ship (if this plays out like that then I'll say Lesnar) however if he doesn't plan on showing up regularly leading upto Wrestlemania I'll have to go with the one I hate the least out of Cena & Rollins that would be Cena.
  17. Well, yeah, I want a champion who is actually on Raw, SD, and PPV's, too. However, having Lesnar lose at the Rumble makes him look weak. HE will/needs to lose the belt at Mania.
  18. There are plenty ways to have him drop the belt out the Rumble without him looking weak, especially with the match being a triple threat as well as who is on Seth Rollins side could equal some dirty shit happening during the match.. If it was a match with him vs Cena and Cena won cleanly that would definitely make him look weak but since it's not it could play out in many different ways.
  19. Seth Rollins will eat the pin, I'm afraid, which should be Cena's job. This whole Lesnar/Cena saga needs to end once and for all.

    Also, Cena winning is so tasteless.
    They just had Lesnar defeat the Streak and Cena all in one year, so now they're gonna have Cena defeat The Beast and tie with Flair's WC record? Fuck that shit.
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  20. There's not too many options for the rumble. The only way is to have cena pin Rollins which makes cena look weaker. Like he couldn't really beat Brock.... I never suggested having cena beat Brock one on one which that would be bad, too. The best route is to have roman or db beat him at mania. Makes the whole loss feel bigger
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