WWE Counts Down The Greatest Raw Endings

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Oct 19, 2013.

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  1. - Coming off the heels of Cody Rhodes and Goldust winning the WWE Tag Team Championship from The Shield at the conclusion of Raw on Monday, WWE counts down the grandest Raw finales in the history of the program.

  2. God, JR commentating over Taker's return gave me permanent fangirlitus.
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  3. Assume Cena covering Cole in barbecue sauce is NOT one of the said endings.
  4. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm hoping the Arrival of the Nexus is one of them.

    Otherwise, this list is completely bereft of credibility.

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  5. Back to the day where shit actually happened on RAW
  6. I agree with most of the choices on the list, but like Waco, Nexus probably deserves a spot on there as well. I also marked hard when the Corporation failed to save Stephanie from the unholy wedding with Undertaker, so Stone Cold had to come down and whoop Taker and the Ministry's ass and do it himself. The joining of WCW and ECW and Shane and Stephanie to form the Alliance was also a big moment at the time. But even WWE probably wishes that angle never happened, so I can see why they didn't put it on there lol. Triple H dumping Stephanie and pedigreeing Vince on the altar also deserves a honorable mention.

    Kinda funny how Cena is the WWE's golden boy, yet he wasn't in any of the choices lol.
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  7. I marked the FUCK OUT for Nexus' initial beatdown. That was pure chaos. It brought an unpredictability that Raw had not had in years, and I think they've captured it on a few occasions since. Not every Raw can be something like that, but occasionally it is.

    I love the Nexus beatdown on Vince McMahon too. When you watch it back, you know they were getting serious heat because some dude in the crowd screams "HE'S A 60 YEAR OLD MAN!!!" right before Wade hits the Wasteland on Vince.

    Go to 3 min 20 seconds and you'll hear it.

    Nexus was a good shot at trying to create a stable that recreated the vibe of the New World Order, but I think they hit the nail on the head with The Shield and combined it with a Freebirds vibe. I have to say that The Shield are far more talented than The Freebirds. I mean... Buddy Rogers, what else do I need to say? What a bum. All 3 members of Shield are top talent.
  8. Watching that makes me emotional just thinking back how good Raw was and now we have this PG shit in WWE today its just wrong
  9. How that tag-team match can be there and many other endings I can think of aren't sickens me. I hate that they do that, but I sort of understand it. They made a list of greatest WWE champions ever recently and The Miz was on it, but there was no SCSA.
  10. :booker: What?! WWE article writer, we comin' fo you nigga!
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