WWE Creative ask about Lesnar.

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  1. Can't see him back without Heyman to be honest.
  2. I'm not sure I even want Brock back to be honest. Sure he was very good in ring but he'll have slowed down due to his illness and the toll on his body from wrestling and mma. He had little to no mic skills and he doesn't have the heart for pro wrestling. Sure he had some natural charisma but without his very protective booking he wouldn't have been anything imo. I'd rather Paul Heyman come back then Brock.
  3. His look though, he's like Orton. Don't need mic skills, Brock legitimately look like he was going to tear any motherfucker apart. His strength is phenomenal too. He could do things to people that no other big bulky guy could do.

    I'd also rather Paul, but that won't happen.
  4. He was a true freak of nature but I'm not convinced he'd put much effort into a return. It's the heart thing for me. It took Randy what 5 years of constant pushing to get much of a reaction? He was getting heat in evolution then not much till about 2008/2009. An example would be at wrestlemania 22 in the triple threat with Rey and Angle when he came out to near silence.
  5. Heyman and Lesnar are really close friends actually.
    It might be on Lesnar's terms on hos contract to return :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. True, but you never know. Even if it's just for a pay-check doesn't it make WWE more exciting? He could be used to put over a star. If he's back full-time then we could probably expect a relatively exciting time, even without mic skills Lesnar I'd class was still entertaining.
  7. If it was a fully motivated monster Brock then sure I'd like to see him back but that seems to be a very big if. I can see him pulling out a match similar to the one with Goldberg tbh.
  8. This isn't the right thread for this, but I'm stunned quite frankly.... When did Benoit die? Was it before March or April of last year??? WTF

  9. @[RKO] he died in 2007. That was The Rocks return mixed in with a benoit entrance from a royal rumble I think.
  10. A very well made fake video I must say lol
  11. Ohh, I was like damn, WTF!! lol. That was a great fake video then!
  12. It was very well edited usually those videos are very choppy between were one clip takes over another. That one as very smooth however.
  13. If Brock were to come back, he would be one popular guy.