WWE creative is lazy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. The Miz, R Truth

    They finally realize that they aren't getting far without each other currently and it isn't giving them television time. The Miz turns face along side Alex Riley and they form a tag-team. This would generate something for the both of them to do furthering their careers, this would develop the two young stars more and it would give something for the both of them to do. They have history and chemistry together, they would easily get over with the crowd in an instant.

    - They could have Alex Riley getting picked on by Prime Time players on how he hasn't excelled and that he had an opportunity and didn't take advantage of it, yet they did (tag-team champions.) They tell him he wasn't successful and that he needed to stop taking up their TV time. Alex Riley get's beat down and The Miz's music hits, he runs down the entrance ramp and runs down attacking Darren Young and Titus O Niel. The Miz looks at the titles that are laid out on the ring and Alex Riley and The Miz have a stare off, The Miz proceeds to leave the ring. Josh catches Alex Riley back-stage later that night and asks what happened earlier and Alex Riley says he "doesn't know what happened and is equally as confused as to why The Miz would help him." Next week it'd be Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger in a singles competition match however during the match Prime Time Players interfere for some retribution. The Miz's music hits yet again and rescues Alex Riley. The Miz get's on the mic and says that he's tired off guys such as Prime Time Players claiming to be too big for their shoes and that they can't handle the big leagues. He also states if they're real champions, they'd defend their titles at Night Of Champions.

    Beth Phoenix, Layla

    Beth Phoenix has been out of action for a while. Layla is having a match with Maxine, while on screen a mysterious woman with a mask show's up on a weekly basis for 2 weeks - with the lights going off and meaning the match is void, too. Layla is having a backstage segment while she is talking with Josh, she get's attacked. She get's viciously beat down on the way to the ring and get's destroyed with a woman in a mask. This woman claims that even a woman has a dark side. She is Beth Phoenix but never takes the mask off. This would be a personal feud, causing mic time from Layla and on-screen promo's from Beth. This would generate a lot of interest in the diva division and cause alot of discussion from wrestling fans causing mass speculation as to what would happen next, ect.

    Camacho, Hunico, Del Rio, Sin Cara, Ricardo Rodriguez and Rey Mysterio

    The names listed above form a Mexican stable stating that they're taking over the title scene. They want to win the 'US Championship' and want to rename it to the 'Mexican Championship.' They state that they're class and they'll win more titles as a collective unit rather than being single competitors. They also want to win the tag-team championships, too. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara win the championships however Camacho and Hunico get jealous and want the gold stating that they deserve it. They start feuding each other turning Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara faces while Hunico and Camacho remain heels. Del Rio doesn't win the US Championship, Ricardo get's tired off Del Rio not winning and not maintaining the group as a leader but they still stick as a unit having a feud with Jack Swagger and Vickie (face).

    Otunga, Mason Ryan

    Otunga has a physique challenge weekly, competing in things such as Arm Wrestlers, press-ups, ect. Numerous lower-level superstars try and yet they fail to defeat him. He asks for some real competition as he's bored and state's that that his physique's unbeatable - escalating to Mason Ryan's music hitting. Mason Ryan comes out and the commentators say that he's finally met his match. Otunga is shocked and surprised he tries to find excuses as to why he shouldn't compete against him but eventually ends up doing so. As soon as they lock hands for an arm-wrestling match, he attacks Mason Ryan and hits him with a big clothesline and scrabbles away to the back. Mason Ryan gets up and shouts 'Come on!'. This would progress their feud and it'd be so interesting.

    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

    These two become official security guards doing all the dirty deeds for John. This would be certain things such as attacking superstars that those two feel are violating or doing anything out of order (however, they abuse their powers and start attacking random faces such backstage such as The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, ect.) They'd also go in the crowd and destroy any signs violating a heel for example, they'd rip up signs such as 'Johnny Sucks', ect. This would be really interesting and this would actually keep us entertained through-out the night as to what they'd do next. These two are the great wrestlers that'd be able to pull off something as such.

    Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow

    Damien Sandow claims that Tyson Kidd lives up to his name and state's that he's a little kid, that he doesn't understand what's going on around the world. He doesn't understand the meaning off "enlightenment." He also comes across as Tyson Kidd being the weak link to the heart family and that he has right to be standing in the middle off the ring with calibre off such as Damien Sandows. He claims it's a sin standing in the ring with someone that has higher qualities than him. Tyson Kidd grabs the mic off him and says that Damien Sandow is all talk, yet no action and say that he should face him tonight. Damien Sandow takes a cheap show and walks out off the ring and up the entrance ramp in a hurry and poses at the top of the ramp with the crowd boo'ing him. The feud beings.

    Now, you guys tell me. Would something like this keep you entertained? I made this myself with the comfort of my own sofa. I don't understand why the creative team can't do something as such. WWE creative team is just lazy.
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  2. I bet you $5000 anybody on this site can come up with a better storyline for WWE then the writers, and I'm not saying yours are bad, they are very good actually.
  3. We have a creative team of five people that have never met and have little to no writing experience that produce better product :obama: Loved your writings Saylor. I'd watch it.
  4. You met my baby sister? :urm:
  5. I've said this before, but I don't think the creative team is to blame. IMO they are fine, but they are very restricted and most of their ideas get shot down or changed at the last minute by the old senile bastard, his idiot daughter, and doofus son in law
  6. Both the creative team and Vince are at fault.
  7. We aren't even getting storylines now. Sheamus is just going through challengers, Punk's in a clusterfuck with AJ, Cena just ended a feud with a "tyrant GM" that rarely acted corrupt and was just a good heel, and Santino and Ricardo had an altercation on YouTube and a ring-announcing skit a few weeks ago. Incompetent doesn't begin to describe writing this bad.

    Dolph's, I agree due to Smackdown last year, but the current product screams "Hey, Cena's gonna be at the end of the show, so stay tuned! And the fans over 8 who don't like this clown will watch anyway... I got them by the balls! Muhahaha!" They clearly just don't give a fuck. And the worst part is, who can blame them?

    Saylor, good stuff. Repping. It's always nice to see people going through the roster, seeing who they can actually do something with. These are really good, and you didn't make money or spend much time on this either. In any logical universe, anyone involved with the current product MUST be replaced, sadly this is no logical universe.
  8. Just saying based on things that come out every so often like interviews with ex-creative members, it seems like creative pitches ideas and Vince/HHH just don't want to hear it. I feel sorry for them more than I blame them. I'm not saying they are super awesome brilliant smart time or anything, but I can't really let them shoulder the blame from me when I know they are dealing with irrational tyrants who won't use a decent storyline even if creative writes it for them. At some point you have to think "Fuck it, what's the point of trying to write a great feud if I know it won't be utilized by the higher ups anyhow? "
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys. I understand that the creative pitch ideas to Vince yet he throws them down, that in a sense is just pathetic. If all of us know what stroyline's are better, how comes the owner of the biggest wrestling organization not know? It doesn't make any sense to me.
  10. Vince doesn't care about a good product, he cares about money. And why would he change what makes him money? Cena's the cash cow so he is shoved down our throats and up our ass.
  11. If young talent are pushed, they could make money. They just need the chance.
  12. Problem is, you are thinking like a logical person, not Vince.
  13. No, I see the base of what you're saying and I totally understand from Vince's perspective.
  14. I always have the feeling Vince knows he won't be around for too much longer so is making as much money as he can now with Cena, HHH, Brock and Rock around and doesn't give a shit about the future.
  15. It does seem like the problem is Vince. According to a few ex-writers, they give ideas, but they just get ignored. There's no use. I'm starting to think that people at creative are just fans like us who can put on a good storyline, but it never happens on screen because of the higher-ups, who rewrite the show around 10 times or something and only do what they want.
  16. That does seem like the case. With that being said, the blame always goes on the creative team.
  17. Indeed, I use to talk trash about Creative every day of the week, now I don't really think it's their fault.
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