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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Sounds amazing. It would be even better if it were for a contract, sort of deal. Have guys that are relatively unknown, over indie talents, major freelancers from Japan and Mexico and the star player. It will be a great way to introduce talents that are being pushed. I like the idea, but if the 205 lbs weight limit wasn't on there, it would be better. Hopefully WWE follows through with this plan.

    UPDATE: As of February 16th, 2016 it has been announced that on July 13th, 2016 - WWE will hold the Global Cruiserweight Series tournament at Full Sail.

    UPDATE: As of March 27th, 2016 two independent promotions are holding qualifiers for the tournament. That being EVOLVE and Progress Wrestling.

    UPDATE: As of March 28th, 2016 Revolution Pro Wrestling has announced qualifiers to take place at an upcoming show. The tournament will be taped over a week at Full Sail University and will air over 10 weeks.

    Announced Contender:
    * Kota Ibushi
    * Tajiri
    * Gran Metalik (Mascara Dorada)
    * Zack Sabre Jr.
    * Noam Dar
    * Da Mack
    * Zumbi
    * Clement Petiot
    * Harv Sihra (GFW tag team champion. lol Jeff Jarrett)
    * Gurv Sihra (GFW tag team champion. lol Jeff Jarrett)
    * Fabian Aichner
    * Brian Kendrick
    * Rich Swann
    * Cedric Alexander
    * Akira Tozawa
    * Jack Gallagher
    * Tony Nese
    * Johnny Gargano
    * Tommaso Ciampa
    * Ho Ho Lun
    * TJ Perkins
    * Drew Gulak
    * Anthony Bennett
    * Tyson Dux
    * Lince Dorado
    * Sean Malura
    * Raul Mendoza
    * Kenneth Johnson
    * Alejandro Saez
    * Damien Slater
    * Daivari
    * Jason Lee
  2. I'm a fan of the idea. Hope they go through with it.
  3. Job out all the indy talent to put over the NXT Talent.

    Opens up a possible Liger job for Swann/Sombra.
  4. So you expect WWE to pay and give exposure to Liger and plenty of other independent wrestlers, just to make them look bad and lose to someone in an unconvincing fashion? Or are you just throwing around the word "job" for no reason?
  5. NXT is the Job Center for certain stars. Wouldn't expect any of the non-contracted guys, unless it's Liger, to get big wins over Contracted talent. They'll get exposure in like an 8 minute match on NXT to progress the tourney, probably more if they sign a contract. It'll be used as Talent Scouting on Indy Talents and to Debut guys like Swann/Sombra and others who are yet to debut. Guys like Gargano may get a win but only 'cause he's been in NXT for a few months.
  6. Losing isn't the same as jobbing.

    WWE's guy 100% going to win, but that doesn't mean WWE will not try to build up these indie talents with some integrity. If this plan is real, and it will happen. WWE will not invest time, money and effort into making this tournament something of a sham. I wouldn't be surprised if a non-contracted talent made it to the finals. There will be highlights on the guys that are under WWE's radar, and others will be given their chance to shine. That's what I think this really is about. To scout, introduce and sharpen talents that WWE has hired, intends to hire or is tracking.
  7. Job out all the indy talent to put over the NXT Talent.
  8. So it's basically a cruiser weight tough enough?
  9. It's like NOAH's Global Junior Heavyweight League. Just get lightweights. Mash them up, and have them put on amazing matches. I have hope that they give these guys appropriate time and focus during this tournament. If they pull another Deadly Games, it will ruin the concept.

    Speaking of the Global J League. Sucks that it's not a tradition. They had two tournaments and they had magnificent matches. Hopefully a 2016 edition takes place. If not, it's nothing new for NOAH to fuck something up when it's hot.
  10. I read that they might be giving the winner the cruiserweight title. This would be a dope oppurtunity to reactivate that title.
  11. This.

    Reactivating the title will be great way to give guys like Sin Cara, Neville, Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan something to do and attract new fans. It would be great, but hopefully they don't tarnish this one, like they did the previous.
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  12. Espeicially since the title died with fucking Hornswoggle :facepalm:
  13. It died when SmackDown forgot what it mean't. You had 10 minute, slow-paced, mid-card matches that had no unique novelty about it. There was no push to have the division succeed. When the division got it's first major push in 2002, you had major signings. Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri and even an influx of independent talent from Brian Kendrick, Paul London and even Kazarian (not 2002, but still). Towards the end, the weight restrictions were basically gone. With guys like Mysterio and Chris Jericho, known for being Cruiserweight staples were winning the Heavyweight title. Not only that but any effort to return the division back to opening the show, with fast matches that will get the crowd hot, died.

    Not only that, but the talents were treated like second-tier talents as well. I'll never forget Nunzio vs. Batista in a Champion vs. Champion match that was a 5 minute burial of the division, title and Nunzio by the announcers. Batista made Nunzio look strong for the massive size advantage, but the whole idea was to put the WH title over, and devalue the Cruiserweight title even more. It was shameful, and the fact that Taz and Cole were laughing and cracking jokes about Nunzio, really shows what the WWE thinks and thought about lightweight guys, getting shots at gold. Shameful.
  14. I feel like with the generation of wrestles now they Cruiserweight title and division will be a lot better off. A lot of the Wrestlers in WWE today aren't really that big anymore since no one is doing steroids.
  15. Doesn't really matter how big the wrestlers are. Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Daniel Bryan are known for being a lightweight/cruiserweight wrestler. If WWE doesn't care about weight restrictions, then a weight specific title will do no good. WWE needs to legitimize somewhat. I know this ain't a real sport, but even this needs some sort of structure. Weight classes, divisions, brands - anything to legitimize this dying product, really.
  16. Global Crusierweight Series will air July 13th, 2016 at Full Sail University!
  17. :yes:
  18. Here's to hoping we get a Tajiri vs. Super Crazy reunion match. Sounds unlikely, but neither of them are tied down to long-term deals and are free lancing. Both are in shape, and can still go and were my favorite part about the Cruiserweights, during it's heyday.
  19. Should be flushed with European talent. Hell, Ospreay would've won if he didn't sign with NJPW.
  20. The winner won't be a freelancer most likely.
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