News WWE Cuts Office Workers and Project

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. We noted earlier today that WWE is planning a 7% decrease in staff as part of the ongoing budget cuts. Reportedly around 55 people were let go from WWE headquarters today. Also, The final issue of WWE Magazine will be the October issue, which hits newsstands on September 16th. The magazine could possible continue with an outside publisher but WWE itself will no longer be producing it.


    Damn, WWE Magazine has been in production since 1984. 30 years were to be
  2. Ouch. Shows those bastards right for giving us a sh***y product. For all you noobs who say it isn't because of the product, I really don't give a f***. WWE has been on cruise control toeing the PC line and its beyond gross. The talent is great, but everything else is just standard and extremely vanilla. If I've seen RAW one week, there are 48 weeks in the past year just like that one. WWE produces 2-3 great RAWs a year, if that. WTF should I order past sh** from the WWE Network. If something has already happened why should I pay them anything to see it again? Jacka**es, I hope they fire somebody important who can start a company and take the Steinbren---err the McMahon's down a notch.
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