WWE Deathmatch Episode #5: Megatron vs Kelly Kelly (50 feet tall)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Jul 30, 2012.

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Who will win?

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  1. Megatron

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  2. Giant Kelly Kelly

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  1. This is going to be a little different from the usual WWE Deathmatches. This one is going to have a story. It does with every 5 episodes. Here goes.

    Hello, and welcome to WWE. Today, we are going to use an experimental growth ray on the Rock to give him the ability to fight Megatron in today's match.

    Megatron: 'Sup?

    Now, fire it up.

    *Kelly Kelly unknowingly walks by the growth ray and gets zapped. She begins to grow and grow until she is 50 feet tall*

    Kelly: What the?

    OH NO! It wasn't supposed to hit Kelly. John, you idiot. You had it facing the wrong way. The ray comes out at the TIP! Didn't you read the manual?

    Kelly: What's happening to me?

    It's a long story, Kelly. It was supposed to hit The Rock, but it was an accident. But the show must go on. You're going to have to take his place in today's match, and fight Megatron.

    Megatron: I fought Autobots for centuries. I think I can win against a giant woman.

    Kelly: Eh, what the heck? BRING IT ON!!!

    Megatron vs Kelly Kelly (50 feet tall)
    Who will win?
  2. Come on. I created a story and everything.
  3. Megatron will win!
  4. It's possible. But don't forget, Kelly Kelly is giant now in this match, which gives her enormous strength. Just that alone could help turn the tide of battle in her favor.
  5. She cant sleep with him since he has no penis, and Megatron actually has skill, so he'll win.
  6. What in the world is this.
  7. Shouldn't this be in the Locker Room?
  8. Haven't you heard? I do a little series. It's about WWE fan-matches made by me. All you have to do is vote for the winner and there it is. Stuff like Hulk vs Thing, Abraham Lincoln vs George Washington, and coming soon Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse.
  9. Megatron, even as a giant, Kelly can't wrestle for shit.


    Oh, and @[BrockLesnarFanForLife]
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  10. Voted Megatron, will settle for whoever makes kellykelly's pushup bras.
  11. Kelly doesn't have wrestling skills? What makes you say that? Wasn't she a Divas champion?

    And yes, I'm new to this wrestling thing.
  12. One day of voting left for this one. Cast those votes NOW!
  13. It's predetermined lol, holding titles especially one as meaningless as the divas one is not an indicator of talent. She can't even run the ropes correctly.
  14. You don't say?
  15. Kelly Kelly even 50ft is still about as much use as a chocolate covered turd so Megatron!
  16. Are you constantly trolling or just brain damaged?
  17. I'm not trolling. And is that an insult?
  18. The nicest insult i could make towards you. You didnt know WWE was predetermined? Honestly?
  19. You mean staged? Hey, I'm new to this wrestling business.

    But what WOULD happen if wrestling was unscripted?
  20. I dont mean staged, i mean the winners are predetermined. If it wasnt scripted, it would be chaos and fat monsters like Big Show would be champion before punk. Also their careers would be much shorter.
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