WWE Deathmatch: Episode 7 (Ronald McDonald vs Burger King)

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Who will Win?

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  1. Ronald McDonald

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  2. The Burger King

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  1. Welcome to another episode of WWE! Today, we see 2 fast-food mascots clash in an epic wrestling battle.

    In THIS corner, we have that loveable clown, the McDonald's mascot...RONALD MCDONALD!!!

    *Crowd cheers wildly as Ronald makes his way to the ring, giving people free complementary McDonald's hamburgers*

    And in THIS corner, we have the KING of Burger, the Burger King mascot, THE BURGER KING!!!!

    *Crowds cheers even more, as The Burger King hands out boxes of French Fries to the people near him*

    It's Ronald McDonald vs THE BURGER KING! READY? FIGHT!!!


    Who will win this match? You decide here.
  2. In the interests of my job I can only vote Ronald!

    Oh and if Ronald wins he should have a title bout against the Colonel! :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I didn't know you work at McDonald's. Do they give you free food at lunch time?
  4. Yeah but it sucks as you never want to eat it after working there.
  5. Who do you vote for?
  6. I just had a McDonalds - and got a free coke glass - so I vote them :yay:
  7. they will both kill each other, so they both lose.
  8. You got a free drink at McDonald's. That's awesome.
  9. Worked at Mcd's at 15 a long while ago. Probably the easiest way to get used to restaurant work without having any benifits of normal eateries.

  10. But it's fun.
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