WWE Deathmatch: Episode 8 (King Kong vs Godzilla)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Aug 1, 2012.

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Who will Win?

Poll closed Aug 3, 2012.
  1. Godzilla

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  2. King Kong

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  1. Welcome to the latest episode of WWE! In this episode, 2 of these creatures have fought once before back in the 60's. But here on WWE, they'll meet once again for a rematch. Also, since these creatures are SO big, we can't fit them in the arena. So, we are having their wrestling match take place in Tokyo, to give it that monster movie feel. We will present the action that is going on using hi-tech cameras that will track these titans' every move, which will then be placed on an enormous 100-foot screen. Now, let's get started.

    IN THIS Corner, we have that gigantic fire-breathing lizard, the king of all monsters...GIVE IT UP FOR GODZILLA!!!!

    *Crowd cheers wildly as Godzilla makes his way to Tokyo, smashing everything in sight. One guy holds up a big sign that says, "WE LOVE YOU GODZILLA!"*

    And in THIS corner, we have the 8th Wonder of the World, that skyscraper climbing ape, PLEASE WELCOME KING KONG!!!!

    *Crowd cheers some more as Kong enters the city, roaring and beating his chest. Another guy has a sign saying, "GO KING KONG!*

    Yes, this is the most extraordinary WWE match in history between Godzilla and King Kong.

    Who will win this match? YOU decide.
  2. Wait a second, how are any of these "WWE" death matches? No one dies in WWE matches, and where is the referee? I call bullshit on these! :angry:
  3. I mean 'deathmatch' as in fight until you can't go on anymore, and then the other player wins.

    They're still alive at the end, just beaten up.
  4. Then it isn't a death match :boss1:
  5. OK, then. I'll rename it to something else. What would YOU call it?

    Also, who do you vote for? Godzilla or King Kong.
  6. No holds barred :boss: and Godzilla :boss1:
  7. Hmmm.

    WWE: No holds barred. I like that idea.
  8. Bring in the votes. Godzilla vs King Kong.
  9. My personal vote goes to Godzilla.
  10. lol godzilla
  11. Why is that funny?
  12. because king kong doesnt stand a chance!!!!
  13. What in the movie "King Kong vs Godzilla".
  15. King Kong obv.
  16. Lets' look at what's going on in the match now!
    This is by far the biggest match WWE has EVER seen.
  17. What makes you think that?
  18. Since I'm a nice guy. I'm going to give you guys ONE more day for voting on this match.
  19. King Kong, he's like a dope ass gorilla whilst Godzilla is just a pussy.
  20. You are what you eat :jeritroll:
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