WWE disappointed with Sin Cara

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

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    No surprise really, but his injuries definitely halted his momentum.
  2. Injury upon injury and lacking English skills really dented his potential. He needs some major reworking to work. Just throw a mask on Hunico and get your token luchador out there. He might not connect as much as Rey but it will probably be more smoother sailing than throwing the chips in with Cara.
  3. Think he was really exposed in that terrible feud with Cody. Cody did whatever he could, but the feud never could pick up since he couldn't have a back-and-forth mic exchange with Sin Cara. Really goes to tell you how much mic skills really matter. (Not to mention anyone over the age of 5 knew that feud was inane)

    Plus even as a more casual fan back in 2011 seeing his cool little moves made me really just wonder why. He did the little bounce-off-the-ropes and then hit an elbow drop, then did his double-bounce in the corner arm drag... yeah, all these flips are nice, but it's still just an elbow drop and an arm drag, what's the point?

    Also, Crayo, what's with your new love of ewrestlingnews? Nothing wrong with it, just odd
  4. Well his in ring work has been diabolical.Never seen his pre wwe work but his run has been lazy/botch filled mess. At least Hunico can work a good match and can offer more then arm drag variations.
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  5. News is news. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Sorry but this is the only reaction I can have: :youdontsay:
  7. I was also going to post this too! :challengeaccepted:
  8. IMO the mic skill thing is a minor issue. He still could have been utilized better, and his sloppy ass ring work could have been a helluva lot better. WWE fucked up by not sending the guy to NXT to work on some WWE style matches before just calling him to the main roster for spot fests with Tyson Kidd on Smackdown with stupid blue lighting.
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  9. Not surprised. It was a big mistake not to send him to FCW, he was injured several times, can't speak, can't work.
  10. Not surprised if he's released or sent down to developmental anytime soon.
  11. Just let Hunico go back under the mask, He can speak english and is easily the better Sin Cara. I don't understand why they ever went back to the old guy :/
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  12. Probably because Mistico, the guy who is now known as Sin Cara is legitimately one of the best luchadors of all time and also the biggest draw in Mexican wrestling. It's just that his ring style, which in a Mexican ring is great to watch hasn't translated to the WWE style. Different ring size, different work style etc and Mistico was never given a chance to adapt.

  13. What WWE needs to do is send him back to NXT, while also teaching him English so he can understand working with other superstars better. It's completely stupid of them to do what they did. They should have sent him to FCW or NXT for he could get adapted to the WWE style. I can't really blame Cara, I'm sure he's doing all he can, but he's just not use to this stuff, and WWE threw a fish into a pond of sharks. They killed his momentum by not teaching him for a good amount of time, and making sure he knew completely their style. It's sad, someone of Cara's talent being wasted by the laziness of WWE, and of course all people ever do is give him shit for it. I actually feel pretty bad for him.
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  14. What WWE need is a fooking cruiserweight dividion ffs. Gives ppl like Cara and Hunico a huge chance to shine and develop without jobbing.
  15. They'd still need to adapt the WWE style, which involves different sized rings. The WWE ring is 18 inches whilst a Mexican ring is 16 inches. This has been a factor in Cara botching since he is miscalculating his moves.
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  16. damn I forgot all about him.
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  17. So those are some of his best moments? All I see is a gymnast in wrestlers clothing. He can go away now.
  18. Luchador wrestling is much different then normal wrestling here.
  19. Not to abuse Cara here but if u are the great luchador u are. U should have some knowlege and be able to translate between different size rings. Its like saying snooker players couldnt play on a smaller table. When they can as a lot play pool. Is that just me or should ring size make no difference u have eyes and spatial awareness. OR IS HE A WOMAN?
  20. The ring isn't really the problem, it's just the styles of wrestling, as mentioned. Everyone laughs at the guy for botching, but, if you watch his Lucha wrestling, he isn't a bad wrestler at all. It's not easy for some people to just transition over when they are used to something.
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