WWE Diva Turning Heel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Woo! Mah girl Layla is gonna be heel. Attitude era is back!
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  2. She should. It could be a good thing in her career since she's really boring as a face..
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  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Layla turned on Kaitlyn and cost Kaitlyn the victory against AJ at MITB. There could be involving Layla in another situation similar to LayCool where Layla and AJ could be the mean girls together and cause trouble in the Divas division.
  4. She was better in LayCool anyway
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  5. [​IMG]

    Seriously I actually wouldn't mind to see this happen lol.
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  6. I remember the first segments where they hinted a Layla heel turn back in RTWM. It's not a bad idea, she's better suited as a heel I believe.
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    Yeah you are right. i watch smackdown online regularly. i think thrill in smackdown is better than raw

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  8. As they said before and I have to agree... She was better teaming with Michelle.
  9. More of her on TV = more ass.
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  10. Layla turning on Kaitlyn aint a bad idea as Layla is better as a heel but I wouldn't have her and AJ together. No need to rehash Laycool, especially when AJ and Layla have very little in common character wise like McCool and Layla did.
  11. Eh, Layla is both usually a good face and a good heel. Probably a better heel though, so I guess this would be a better move. It seems Kaitlyn is going to be the only top face though.
  12. Layla hasent been used for months it's about time they did something with her
  13. Oh god, please bring back McCool. Lay-Cool was probably the last time I gave a fuck about Divas. They were hilarious and awesome
  14. Michelle is done with WWE shes had the kid with Mark (Undertaker) and now is enjoying life at home. Layla has to go it alone now

  15. Oh, thanks for clarifying. I had no idea who you meant before I got to the part in parenthesis. How do you know so much about WWE wrestlers? I don't think I ever could have found out that Undertaker's name was Mark if you weren't flexing your brilliance ITT. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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  16. notsureifserious. :awyeah:

    Another example where the pink font would help.
  17. Excluding that Piggy James shit.
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  18. !!!!!!!!!!!

    She was actually great in the ring too. Better than any of the deevas we currently have, that's for sure. Pruttier too :obama:

  19. CM Punk's real name is Phil Brooks. I tweet him all the time.
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