WWE Divas Becoming Over Crowded: Solution?

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  1. Disclaimer: I am not the best with my words so please do bare with me.

    Over The Past couple of days I've come to realize that the WWE diva's locker-room combined with the NXT diva's locker-room is becoming over-crowded. It seems as if the only thing they can do is pin them to superstars to mange/escort them but there are only so many superstars left to do that to be pinned with.

    With that being said, I do believe there should be another championship for the women. (Note I do not want the women's championship rebirthed). We have the NXT Women's Championship And The Diva's Championship and even that isn't enough. With all the tag teaming in the diva's divison I do think that bringing back the old (WWF women's tag team championship.) Or a newer women's tag team championship would put the ladies in more matches and bring credibility back into the diva's divison.

    Even though I've re-read this and think my idea is horrible in many ways, I do think there should be at least something within the diva's division so that when all the storylines with the superstars are done the ladies will have something to go back to.

    How would you mange the division?
  2. Also if you are intrigued with the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship History.

    Click Here.
  3. Summer Rae & Eva Marie for one would be my tag team of choice.
    I like the idea of the Women's Tag Team belts being brought back however I'm not sure it will do anything as far as bringing prestige back or making it more relevant.
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  4. seems as if being a WWE Divas has become more of a accessory to wear around their ego rather then honorable anymore. Really depressing.
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  5. I think Paige and Charolette are going to bring a bit more physicality back into it here in the long run and Natty still has a few years left under her belt.
    We'll see though; I think it has been in worse shape than currently although I don't have too high hopes haha.
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  6. I am excited to see how far diva's like Charlotte And Alexa bliss take off when they do make it to the main roster, I must say as an Emma fan I am rather disappointed that they have paired her with someone who hasn't had the slightest bit of success since he's debut.

    Santiago And Emma both need a major push instead of doing the tango in the week with Fandango and Layla every week.
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  7. Alexa Bliss is always going to be my favorite Diva so long as she is in the WWE; simple reason being where she's billed from is my hometown :emoji_slight_smile: and also because I think I've taken quite an attraction to her :emoji_wink: I will attempt to meet her should she ever be at a Columbus show.

    I agree, I'm not a big fan of the Santino pairing; it's funny you say that slightest bit of success comment because you should see my WWE Universe this mother fucker has won the US once, IC twice, Tag team once and the WWE Championship Belt 3 times in two years on that mode, it's pretty fucked. Currently Heath Slater is my WHC champion, not sure how that happened I was tooling with feuds one day and eventually that established itself after like two months. I randomly made a team of David Otunga and Damien Sandow and they are the Tag Team champs and my created guy will always be IC champ because I am adding prestige in a digital world to that belt in the form of a scrappy highflyer named "Star Tiger!".

    Sorry got a little offtopic there WWE Universe mode can be quite distracting to talk about haha. But yeah idk I see the Divas division still being around but if it did add some tag straps to their division than it has a higher ceiling as far as potential goes as well as how you put it cleaning up the roster a bit since it's a crowded picture.
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  8. Haha, It's fine! I love my universe mode to! I should pm you about mine.

    But Yes, Alexa Bliss defiantly is perfect when it comes to that Diva Image!

    Glad you agree with my statement, Thanks for the feedback, Sharpy. Can always count on you to make some great points. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Well, I don't really think adding a title is the solution. Ideally, the NXT and main roster divisions shouldn't even be thought of as one entity, and as far as the main roster goes, they hardly get time to showcase one belt, and putting others there wouldn't help matters. The solution is caring about the division and giving it time, more/better stories etc (whether that is a good idea or not is another thing entirely).
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  10. I agree there are a ton of Divas at the minute and many are going to have nothing to do. Although this is no bad thing as the Divas who are wrestlers seem to be getting the screen time which is good. Eve Marie has been relegated to scoring someone elses matches lol.
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  11. Adding another belt wont really change anything, they can just have more diva matches/feuds, God knows they have more than enough hours to do it...
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  12. You're both definitely correct.

    What really sucks about the whole thing is that no matter what changes we get, we are still going to have "Divas" like Cameron And Eva Marie coming into a wrestling company just to promote their self worth or get their name out there with no desire of actually competing in the square circle.

    And she couldn't even do that right. What a disgrace!
  13. Yeah, that's always a problem. Not really many solutions.
  14. Better question: \____/

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