WWE don't understand standard human emotions

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. At all, do they? Watch your average supehero movie or good guy movie, they always make you believe that the good guy has no chance of winning, and it makes you get behind them somewhat.

    At Extreme Rules when Cena faced Brock, the Chicago crowd - who at the start of the night where booing him - began to support him. Why? Two reasons IMO. One - Brock's a great heel. Two: They made it seem as if Cena was the underdog, as if he was getting destroyed and had no chance back. This is how your faces should get booked.

    Instead they make the faces always win, which makes it harder to get behind them. Everyone knows that crowds love an underdog right? So why make the heel the underdog? It makes people above the age of 8 want them to get the victory over the face.

    Yesterday night, Michael Cole got absolutely destroyed and humiliated in front of millions. It made me feel sorry for Michael Cole the character. I appreciate that he gets paid lots to do a pretty easy job, and I've got no reason to, but what kind of good person does that to someone?(Kayfabe) It doesn't make me want to suport him at all?

    They aren't just out of touch, they don't even understand how people work. Thick bastards.
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  2. The WWE pay Michael Cole a handsome wage,I would imagine that Michael Cole is willing to do whatever The WWE want him to do for his handsome wage
  3. But in character it's pretty fucked up to do. Cena claims to be respectful and stand up to bullies, but here he goes stripping down a man onto his underwear who can't defend himself, and he goes soaking him in BBQ sauce and humiliating him. Cena was being the very thing he said he wasn't.
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  4. Damn kid-pleasing hypocrites trying to shove crap down our throats every week.
  5. Liked.

    Completely true. And they wonder why every one of their faces gets boo'd by at least a handful of people. Sheamus vs Bryan was hilarious. Sheamus being boo'd to hell. As was Big Show.
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  6. The booed Sheamus and Show as if there was no tomorrow. Cheered Bryan and Rhodes. Awesome crowd.
  7. I agree. Heroes need to fall, they aren't invisible.

    The Cole part was done for comedy, but it's not funny. It's confusing. Is Cena the protector? Or the bully?


    Paradox, IKR?
  8. Lol Has anyone noticed how Leo C is starting to talk differently in his posts. BTW, I did a status on this thing. It is stupid. Cena bullying a smaller man that can't defend himself and stripping him to his underwear infront of millions. Makes you sick.
  9. Lets play the "Make a Meme" game here:

    His No Way Out opponent just obliterated 6-8 people last week.
    Cena comes out and makes stupid jokes.

    Laurinaitis fired Big Show for making fun of his voice.
    Cena does it 3 times since then like a cocky little bastard.

    They water down the product like crazy to help Linda's hopeless senate campaign.
    Then they throw out an ME that would make a great political ad for her opponent.

    Lawler talks about Vickie being a pig.
    Immediately cut away to "Be a Star" commercial. (Thanks to PW Insider for pointing that one out)

    Cena and Sheamful get booed every week.
    WWE continues to do the same old crap every week with them.
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  10. :dafuq:

    :laugh: Liked.
  11. Books the guy you want as the next top face to bury Bryan at Wrestlemania
    Guy who gets buried becomes most over in WWE

    John Cena cuts a promo on how he's having a vacation
    Appears the next night on RAW

    Have Cole say commentators can't compete in matches
    Book him in main event match against top face

    "It's all about the bigger picture"
    There is no bigger picture

    Make RAW based around heel Anonymous GM
    Make Anonymous GM just disappear.
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  12. *invincible. Sorry love, auto-correct. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  13. We're all emotionless humanoids to vince
  14. Which in most cases is true :grin:
  15. "Scumbag WWE" would work for that meme's name. Someone needs to make a pic.


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  16. Great post, OP. Vince's ratio sucks because he has no any ratio at all. He's so out of touch with the globalization and human's character development.
  17. Boss-like here.
  18. This^
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  19. OMG Michael Cole's job is so not easy. I've tried and its be-futtering (sp). I talk, but its more stress than you could believe
  20. I'd really love to see WWE try with emotions. I think they'd fail but I'd like to see what they could do with some emotional storylines like the Triple H and Randy Orton Wrestlemania 25 Storyline.
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