WWE Draft 2016: Joint BTB

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Harrison, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Hello you magnificent bastards, this'll be a joint BTB with myself and the silly man himself @Electro. He'll be running Raw, and I'll be running SmackDown. It works basically the same as the real draft worked, (week before Battleground, Shane and Steph running both shows), but with a couple slight changes:

    1. Each roster is allowed 2 picks from NXT at most.

    2. While Shane is still running Smackdown and Stephanie is still running Raw, the GM of Smackdown is Edge and the GM of Raw is Triple H.

    3. Each roster is allowed 1 free agent pick from anywhere in the World, but they aren't shown immediately on the roster.

    4. Raw has been changed to a two hour show so it's easier to rival Smackdown.

    We decided that it'll take too long to introduce each individual pick, so we did it ourselves and here are the full rosters:
    Raw Roster (open)

    Commissioner: Stephanie McMahon
    GM: HHH
    Commentators: Michael Cole & Tom Phillips & JBL
    Dean Ambrose (WWEWHC)
    Seth Rollins
    John Cena
    New Day (Tag)
    Bray Wyatt
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    American Alpha
    Randy Orton
    Rusev with Lana (US)
    Gallows and Anderson
    Dolph Ziggler
    Alberto Del Rio
    The Vaudevillians
    Sasha Banks
    Zack Ryder
    Charlotte (Womens)
    Luke Harper
    Nikki Bella
    The Ascension
    Dana Brooke
    Mark Henry
    Titus O'Neil
    Shining Stars

    Smackdown Roster (open)

    Commissioner: Shane McMahon
    GM: Edge
    Commentators: Corey Graves & Mauro Ranallo
    AJ Styles
    Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)
    Roman Reigns
    Kevin Owens
    Finn Balor
    Sami Zayn
    Enzo and Cass
    The Miz with Maryse (IC)
    Baron Corbin
    Apollo Crews
    Becky Lynch
    The Usos
    Chris Jericho
    Eva Marie
    The Lucha Dragons
    The Revival
    The Golden Truth
    Jack Swagger
    Social Outcasts
    Rowan and Strowman
    Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

    PPV List (open)

    PPV List:
    July: Battleground (Mixed)
    August: Summerslam (Mixed)
    September: Night of Champions (SD)
    September: Unforgiven (Raw)
    October: Judgement Day (SD)
    October: Vengeance (Raw)
    November: Survivor Series (Mixed)
    December: Tables, Ladders and Chairs (SmackDown)
    December: Armageddon (Raw)
    January: Royal Rumble (Mixed)
    February: Fast Lane (SD)
    February: St Valentines Day Massacre (RAW)
    March: WrestleMania (mixed)
    April: Backlash (SD)
    April: Cyber Sunday (RAW)
    May: Fully Loaded (SD)
    May: Extreme Rules (RAW)
    June: Money in the Bank (mixed)
    July: Battleground: (SD)
    July: Payback (RAW)

    There will be a couple more announcements made leading up to the first Raw show, and once both of us have done our show for the week we'll do a poll to see who booked it better.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    WWE.com: King of the Ring 2016 Announcement!

    With the recent brand extension draft, we are pleased to announce that leading up to WWE Summerslam 2016 a King of the Ring tournament will take place. 8 Raw Superstars and 8 Smackdown Superstars will compete in a single-elimination tournament leading up to the Pay-Per-View, where both the semi-finals and the finals will take place. In addition to winning this prestigious tournament, the winner will receive a championship match for his brand's world championship.​
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  3. Gl with the BTB guys. Looking forward to seeing what you two can do.
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