WWE Draft Monday 4/23 3hr

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sooo Kia, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. I've read the draft will take place next Monday April 23rd in Detroit. I'll wait 4 @[Big Hoss Rambler] to confirm
  2. Yep, that's true.
  3. Has it been confirmed by the WWE though? Haven't seen anything on it :O
  4. 2012 Raw
    SmackDown On April 23, the 2012 Draft will be taking place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. [8] This will be the second time Detroit has hosted the WWE Draft since 2004.

    From wiki.


    That's the best I can find currently.
  5. It said 3 hour RAW for next week yesterday. Pretty sure it'll be the draft at that time.

  6. But anyone can edit wiki pages, right? Until' WWE confirms it's just a rumour tbh.

    And honestly, hope it doesn't happen, been liking everyone on both shows :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. I love drafts. I really want it to happen, both shows suck atm, especially SmackDown. Bryan is carrying that.
  8. John Cena will be turning 35 next Monday. The last time RAW fell on John's birthday was his WM rematch against HBK. I hope its another good RAW 4 him
  9. Is it seriously his birthday? I wonder if they'll mention it. I think we could see him getting destroyed again on his birthday. I'm holding out on that slow heel turn.
  10. As Hoss mentions it said three hour RAW next week so I see it being the draft if not what else??
  11. I hope it is, I mark for drafts.
  12. I cant see it being anything else as 3 hrs I suppose they could whip the divas out to kill an extra 25 mins and maybe a tag divsion match at 15 mins and then some bullcrap promo from say Cena to kill the rest of the extra hour!
  13. The draft isn't happening! It's going to be a swerve! Brand split ending! Ace runs both shows and with the Supershow layout it's pointless to have a draft! You heard it here first! (well not here in this post, but from me. I've been calling this for weeks)
  14. I thought that but why a 3 hour RAW then?

    Not like they've done anything remotely decent on a 2 hour show last two weeks bar Lesnar and Cena's brawl and Punk an Henry with Jericho Monday an that was thanks to Jericho and a chair which is an inanimate object so worrying it made my night .
  15. 3 hour Raw so they can show the replay of Brock punching Cena 500 more times. The 40 times we've seen it over the past few weeks just hasn't been enough!
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  16. LMAO

  17. If the draft happens, it will contain way too many superstars moving again, most that won't even be on the show, and then we'll get the same stale ass feuds from SD on Raw and vice versa.
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  18. So true.
  19. This.

    Defo need to sort out where they are going with SD and RAW atm.
  20. SD just needs to die already.
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