WWE Drinking Games!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Booker T drinking Game:

    What you need:

    Shot Glasses
    A WWE match that Booker T calls

    The rules:

    Shot everytime he says:

    "Right there"
    "Mah goodness"
    "Gettin the job done"
    "Wut duh haail?"
    "Wait a minute"
    "D Bryan"
    "Fave 5"
    "Harlem Heat"
    "Let me tell ya

    if you are sick you have to perform spinaroonie.

    2 shots every time he mentions "the business"
    2 shots every time he uses the adjective "big" eg, big elbow, big boot, etc etc.

    WWE Apology Game:

    Take a drink every time someon on WWE asks for an apology.


    Hahaha just realized we can't do Drinking Game #1. Perhaps watch some videos?
  2. I would be dead.
  3. Take a shot everytime you hear.....

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  4. :okay: :alone:
  5. The Booker T game sounds okay, if not for my lack of desire to die of alcohol poisoning.
  6. Then do the spinaroonie? XDDDDDDD
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