WWE drops trademark

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  1. LOL! Bummer WWE.

  2. Anyone else feeling like Shat the bed is a good term here?
  3. An examiner started to examine it the other day, according to PWInsider.

    Could this company, if they get it, sue WWE for all their references to ECW? ECW Unreleased Vol I etc. etc.
  4. No, lol.
  5. How :dafuq:
  6. No they wouldn't sue since no way could whatever small company bought the trademark have the legal department to combat WWE. Plus WWE made all those references whilst ECW was a registered WWE trademark. Meaning that they had the full right to.

    To elaborate. This new company with the ECW trademark only have rights to all things ECW from now on produced under their banner. WWE still has the rights for all the ECW talent and all their previous statements. They own the ECW video gallery and their talent and history is ingrained into WWE and it's product. This small company basically only bought a name, nothing that comes with it or any of the content.
  7. What are the risks? What can happen to WWE?
  8. Nothing serious really. They just won't be able to mention ECW under the name ECW from now on until they regain the trademark. It will be like they did with WCW talents and happenings until they bought that trademark and library. Calling them "The guys down south." From now on Paul Heyman and ECW will be "The guys from Philly". They still have the entire library of matches and stories, just not the name.
  9. I'd be more concerned about the other company
  10. Pretty much that^

    Tons of massive companies now have had their trademarks used already in the past.
  11. Here is a pic of the WWE legal team for those of you wondering what that smaller company would have to deal with should they be stupid enough to pick a fight.

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  12. Assuming this isn't BS (I didn't know you could just randomly 'lose' a trademark), then they can still refer to the old company as Extreme Championship Wrestling, even if they can't specifically say ECW anymore.
  13. So if Heyman appears, the crowd isn't allowed to chant: 'ECW'?

    BTW, WWE just made an ECW DVD. :emoji_grin:AWG:
  14. Trademarks have to be renewed on regular intervals. WWE most likely forgot to renew their rights to it. This kind of thing is quite common.
  15. stupid wwe idiots
  16. Who is to blame though, if you are a huge company and don't want to have one of your trademarks taken away then renew it!
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