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  1. This is just my review from Extreme Championship Wrestling's time under World Wrestling Entertainment's Ownership. In no way does it reflect the opinion of anybody else's view on the brand or what happened. You have the freedom of speech to say you disagree, or agree with me, but please keep the discussion mature.

    Now when ECW was brought back, I knew it wasn't going to be the same thing. It was under the hands of Vince McMahon, not Paul Heyman. While Heyman did get creative control of it, I understood that McMahon was going to have the final word about everything, so it was going to be Extremem Championship Wrestling, I expect Eastern Championship Wrestling.

    Even right off the back you saw some good and some bad, Rob Van Dam bringing then ECW and WWE championship to ECW was great. That was a shimmer of hope, then you had Kurt Angle, and others going into the brand, it just seemed like nothing but going up. Although then we saw Vince's word in it. That night on the first ECW episode under WWE we saw two non ECW originals wrestling. The crowd knew it was wrong, and made WWE and ECW pay for it by booing the shit out of it. Also the matches were NOT extreme. Sure you had your Extreme Rules match at the end of the night, but that was it. Count outs and DQs and WWE superstars wrestling in main events were just the beginning of the knife.

    Later we had multiple talents, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, and others debuting. Of course these guys were different, it was a new ECW and you just can't use old ECW guys 24/7, and the people didn't want WWE superstars, so let's take some guys from Ohio Valley Wrestling and mold them into this new brand. At the same time though, Big Show had defeated Rob Van Dam for the ECW championship, and was a monster champion. RVD and Sabu helped darken the road for ECW with their Marijuana bust. Kurt Angle leaving ECW and WWE all together also helped destroy the show.

    Time passed with Big Show destroying every challenger, RVD, Sabu, Ric Flair, and many others, holding the ECW championship up high. Even the name of the championship had to get stricken down, since WWE thought calling it the ECW World Heavyweight Championship would confuse people, so they called it the ECW World Championship, then just the ECW Championship. As December fell no one could stop Big Show...but one person. This person was...Bobby Lashley? At December to Dismember Bobby Lashley won the Extreme Elimination Chamber over the likes of ECW original RVD, CM Punk, Test, and others who actually represented ECW. Vince had now taken control, and Heyman didn't like it. Heyman told Vince, they was only one thing now, only Heyman or Vince can run ECW it can't be both. With those words it was clear, Heyman was out.

    AS 2006 ended Bobby Lashley held the ECW championship, Paul Heyman was gone, and so much bad was already happening, ECW was truly born a baby with a deadly disease...but just like a baby, it did give some a glimp of happiness. With this time, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, and other rookies were given time to shine, time to make a name for themselves. While the old ECW was dying, new wrestlers were given time to make a name for themselves, gather a fanbase, and so much more. Extreme Championship Wrestling was dying, but Eastern Championship Wrestling was there, and the new talent were proud to be called ECW Wrestlers, no matter what.

    More to come later...
  2. This was very well written, im so proud :yay:

    I agree with most of those things, in addition Benoit killed himself before officially debuting to ECW when he was drafted.
    I'm not sure how I feel about Lashley because I actually enjoyed him, he had so much potential, but perhaps he should have been placed on one of WWE's shows. Also would have been nice if ECW hadn't added so many unoriginals at the same time. It seemed like they were coming in by the flock and it was overwhelming, it gave very little shine time for the new guys because newer guys were coming in right after them, so in return the old guys got less time and it was basically a rookie show from there on out. To put the cherry on top, WWE's ECW produced Sheamus :facepalm:
  3. That's true. ECW was a flop. Fans wanted the originals but what they got in the end was just a place with a few random veterans and new guys from FCW.
  4. Here's my thoughts; It sucked. The end.
  5. Well without ECW, there would've been no Punk. Vince was never going to bring Punk up from developmental. Heyman insisted he be brought to ECW, that's why he's a Paul Heyman guy.
  6. Farooq your forgetting someone very important who became a top star from starting out in ECW that is Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly. She went from stripping on ECW to being the top diva of the company and having a title reign
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    To stripping for a camera again....
  8. May I mention to keep this at a mature level please, Kelly Kelly didn't contribute anything but a small segment to horny men. If I mentioned her then I mind as well as mentioned the ECW zombie.