WWE embracing the hardcore style?

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  1. On WWE's Youtube page, there is a video of Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas. They were Ecw tag teams. I dont recall WWE ever posting old hardcore ECW videos on their YT channel. Could this be the edginess WWE has hinted at, could this be a hint at what the revolution is, or is it just a coincidence?

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  2. Its strange because in 2010 i recall WWE youtube censoring chair shots. right before the chair hit it would freeze frame. WTF. >.<
  3. They did, which is why im wondering if there starting to embrace the more hardcore style
  4. WWE YT doesn't have any rules unfortunately. They can post whatever they want there so I think this is purely a coincidence. :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. True but they dont usually post stuff that is so violent and has chairshots to the head


    Off Topic: The Gangstas had a badass theme song


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  6. I think it was random, but it is weird one way or the other.
  7. Its odd all of the video posted include the Gangstas. I hope WWE isnt thinking about bringing New Jack in or something, that guy is a fucking psycho.
  8. I'd laugh hysterically if I saw New Jack in WWE, for so many reasons.
  9. Would never happen though lol
  10. Yes, the simple fact of thinking he'll be there is already funny. Watching him kill people in the ring would also be hilarious.
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