News WWE Employee Releases New Country Music EP, View The Artwork Done By Jerry Lawler

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  2. Urgh. I'd hate to have to listen to this, or any other country album/song for that matter.
  3. Doesn't seem very good
  4. My taste in music is versatile, and I do like some country. But obviously not this garbage. :happy:
  5. I was wondering if Jerry had to draw that with Michael as the actual muse, but he couldn't have. Michael hasn't looked anything like that in years.
  6. "1. Why Can't the Children Pray in School" Political country songs? Country? Hayes? Yeah, fuck this.
  7. Yeah, Hayes is like 10 miles wider than he used to be back then.
  8. :heenan:
  9. It's country ///////
  10. Dat artwork.
  11. :heenan:
  12. I'm laughing listening to this
  13. I couldn't be arsed to listen to that crap, honestly. :dawg:
  14. I honestly didn't think this was all that bad
  15. I honestly didn't think this was all that bad
  16. You're right, it ain't that bad.
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