WWE employees upset that YouTube clip was aired during RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Blame Hoss.
  2. Could have sworn this was all a work. Being the smark that I am, I still think it probably was lol.

    sidenote: WWE is fucking retarded about protecting their copyrights. What does a fan video on youtube hurt? and why can't youtube show old eps of Raw from the 90s? It's not like WWE has a deluxe box set with all eps of Raw in it, so fuck those jerkoffs
  3. Hey numbnuts: If you have an issue with Youtube clips airing during Raw... DON'T AIR THEM!
  4. People need to quit bitching about everything just at your messages it sounds like a bunch of school girls fighting over youtube and wwe believe me when i say this i respect wwe and if want to watch eps of wwe from the 90s go buy the fucking dvd

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  5. I hope people continue to do mobile uploads :terry: :kiss:
  6. WWE employees are wasting their time trying to take down every video of WWE as anyone can easily put it back up again
  7. I'm sure in the end, WWE has the power and means to stop all WWE clips been uploaded. I don't think its too hard for them.
  8. LOL! I recorded many videos.
  9. I'm not trying to argue and I apologize if I have the wrong idea due to having no punctuation but I disagree. We aren't bitching about it instead WWE is. If you are trying to say this then dm.

    Why do they bother having a fuss over a clip everyone saw LIVE anyway?
  10. Shut up retard. There is no DVD to watch all of the episodes of Raw from the 90s

    There are only shitty compilations like 'best of' and shit like that. Ignorant bastard talking out of his ass :finger:
  11. :lol1: They air it and get pissed off about it. They should really stop removing old videos from Youtube, that'd be nice.
  12. Screw them i'll still upload their matches ha. :boss1: :win:
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