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  1. I just got the new WWE Encyclopedia in the mail and it is just awesome! From the tag-team 3-Minute Warning to Zeus, the WWE Encyclopedia has all the superstars that have debuted in 1963- Wrestlemania XXVIII! This Encyclopedia does not have Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, or Big E Langston. It doesn't have Ryback or Tensai but instead it has Skip Sheffield and Albert. This Encyclopedia has superstars I've never even heard of before! (P.S. Sorry if this is wrong section.)

  2. I consider myself sort of a wrestling nerd but I don't think I'd be able to read that entire encyclopedia. But nice to know you got it man, there's probably a lot of information there.
  3. It does, I don't think I could read the whole entire thing either.
  4. Well, it's probably good as I suppose it has Bob Backlund information in there. That is good. :gusta:
  5. Yup. Backlund has a whole page of information.
  6. Does it have Chris Benoit? :lol1:
  7. It does.
  8. :shock: What? Really? Was this produced by WWE?
  9. Yup. It has like half a page on Benoits career. They don't shy away from his career. All his title wins are on WWE.com as well. They only shy away from him on air.
  10. Yes it definitely has Chris Benoit.
  11. Ehn, I don't see a real reason on why I should buy it.
    Is it good?
  12. It has Bob Backlund, of course it's good.
  13. Well....It has info about about BOB BACKLUND AND BRUNO SAMMARTINO!
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