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  1. Source: WrestlingNewsSource.com

    Here's the picture of the new encyclopedia cover.


    Since I didn't buy the first ed, I have no way to judge it. Should I buy the 2nd Ed?
  2. You probably should. It's fascinating reading about the past of something you like while at the same time becoming more knowledgeable in that particular subject.
  3. Reading hurts my ears lol
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  4. A WWE Encyclopedia? Didn't see that one coming. Well, it should be fun to read.
  5. I actually want to buy this. Anyone have information on retailers?
  6. Wonder if anything about Chris Benoit is in there
  7. Benoit is :bury: buried both IRL and in that book I suspect.
  8. They've erased him from WWE history.
  9. :alone::upset:
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