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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sackfist, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hey there guys here is the 976th Episode of RAW reviewed

  2. RE: Taker Returns (WWE EP976 RAW Review)

  3. Edited the title. Be careful next time Sackfist -.-
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  5. I don't understand how it can be a spoiler? The show was live.

    Only spoilers are SmackDown before Friday. If you don't want to know, you shouldn't be on a wrestling forum lol...
  6. Some people aren't in the US. People have school, browse this site before coming home and watching it. It's a spoiler until Wednesday basically.
  7. Give over.

    You either watch it, or you don't come on a wrestling forum until you have. Why would you even be on a wrestling forum? There's OBVIOUSLY going to be discussions about RAW.
  8. To discuss other things? He shouldn't have the content shown in a thread title. If he had come into a thread with the title as it is now then he couldn't complain but the original title said "Undertaker returns".
  9. I understand where you're coming from but he shouldn't of put the return in his title.
  10. I never knew we were called rawforums.net.

    Also, RAW section ca be for anything. News about an injured RAW star having surgery for example. What harm does having spoiler tags have?
  11. I have just read through the comments, yikes Babafan267 is totally right, put on a grasping title and you get tons of attention.

    I am sorry to all those who haven't watched RAW and spoiling the end, but I ask is that all you watch it for, the storylines, not the actual wrestling. I watch the entire show and the best part of RAW was CM Punk vs Bryan, great wrestling Match.

    Adam, thanks, I do agree with you, RAW is a live event, I know I am not the only one who blogs about it ASAP, if you go on to WWE website they have spoilers on the front page, why should I have to act differently. I am sure someone else would have made a discussion thread to talk about the return of Taker, I just beat the guy or girl to it this week.

    I won't put a spoiler up again, but catchy titles do bring in traffic, and traffic is what I need, can't blame me for that can yoy
  12. I'm just wondering why he was shocked to find RAW discussion in a RAW forum on a WWE forum.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say I don't go on forums, Twitter or Facebook until I've watch RAW if I don't watch it live because I know people will be talking about it... common sense really.
  13. I am the same. I watch it then write the review, then post it. I do not ever look at the WWE website or come here until I have watched RAW
  14. We're not a WWE site, we're a wrestling forum. RAW isn't the only thing we cover either, users can come on here and browse the SD section before watching RAW, then coming back. What if they see Taker returns in the title without even coming into this section? Is that fair lol?

    Not all of the UK fans can watch it live, it's 2am until 4:15am on a Monday night. Let alone anyone from further eastern Europe. Also, just because someone is annoyed because the ending (which is a massive moment, takers return) is spoiled, doesn't mean they just watch because of the story-lines, but most WWE fans are majorly attracted to the soap-opera like story-lines, I know I am.

    Lastly, I appreciate you wanting traffic but this site isn't for that lol. This is a wrestling discussion fan forum for our members, nothing else. But I appreciate you saying you won't do it anymore, that's a big help.

    As said above, we provide SmackDown content, NXT, Superstars, PPV discussion (it's only 2 days after the RR remember, maybe they wanted to come on and discuss that?), UFC, TNA, RoH. We're not RAW forums. Also, you don't actually need to come into this section to be spoiled by a thread title as it displays in the forum_bit. If this thread had this title, and someone came in and was spoiled I'd completely agree with you.
  15. But is it fair then to watch it and then wait til wednesday in order to discuss topics such as Taker returns? That would be trending on Twitter for damn sure, you would be notified by this if you followed WWE on Twitter.

    I guarantee that I am not the only one on this site that watched RAW early, but I don't feel I shouldn't be able to post discussions and threads about RAW, because people don't see it until Wednesday. To protect from spoilers, as Adam said watch the show before coming on to a forum site, because people who have seen it will want to talk about it. That is the only solution I see.
  16. The discussion isn't the problem. The title mentioning it is. Your title said Taker returns. See the problem? If you had just named it Raw Review this wouldn't have been an issue.
  17. You can talk whatever you want about RAW in this section. Just the immediate day after RAW don't have titles like "TAKER RETURNS". Give the others a chance. That way it's fair on everyone right? Not limiting any discussions.

    Absolutely baffles me people saying the only solution is not to come on this forum if you've not watched RAW. That's incredible, lmao.
  18. But Taker Returns is a very good title for a discussion about Taker returning wouldn't you agree
  19. This isn't a discussion about Taker returning though. It's about your review.
  20. No but for someone who wanted to discuss Taker's return. He/She would be in the same situation I am in where some people are upset.