WWE Episode #11: Big Bird vs Barney

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Who will win?

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  1. Barney

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  2. Big Bird

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  1. Hello, and welcome to another EPIC edition of WWE! Today, 2 iconic educational children's characters are taking off their cute, nice guy masks and are going to beat the living hell out of each other. I can't wait for this, can you Dave?

    I certainly can't John. Now, here they are.

    In THIS corner, we have that 6 foot yellow canary, all the way from Sesame Street...BIG BIRD!!
    *crowd cheers as Big Bird jumps off a platform and flies into the ring*
    Big Bird is clearly not going to play fair in this match, don't you think?
    Certainly, John. I mean, this is WWE. No one plays fair in WWE!

    And in this OTHER corner, that purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, who is also 6 feet tall, please welcome...BARNEY!!!
    *Crowd cheers wildly as Barney stomps his way into the ring, roaring like his Jurassic Park cousins. He even roars at a little kid*
    Will you look at that, Dave? Barney clearly means business. I doubt he's going to show any mercy for Big Bird.

    So, we have Big Bird vs Barney. Who will win?
  2. Big Bird or Barney?
  3. Cena isn't in this match. Sorry.
  4. Wait, what's that big purple thing with a plastic facial expression?
  5. Barney. I saw the first chinese person in that show. At least, that is what I can remember.
  6. Big Bird no contest!

    Would fuck Barney right up!
  7. Personally, I'd say Barney because when I was little, he was a bigger part of my childhood than Big Bird. But that's my opinion.
  8. Fair enough gzilla Big Bird my childhood so thats why for me as well!
  9. Barney the dinosaur rapes everyone
  10. IMO, I agree. I mean, look at how vicious he looks in his entrance picture.
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