WWE Episode #12: Ash Ketchum vs Spongebob

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Aug 6, 2012.

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Who will win?

Poll closed Aug 8, 2012.
  1. Ash Ketchum

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  2. Spongebob

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  1. So, Vince really wanted me to do this match, so I decided, you know what, "I'll do it." Here goes.

    Hello, welcome to another WWE! Today, there's going to be 2 matches (one will come later). Here's the current one. One lives under the sea, one trains Pokemon for fights.

    In THIS corner, we have the Bikini Bottom resident...GIVE IT UP FOR SPONGEBOB!!!!
    *Crowd cheers for Spongebob as he puts on his bowl full of water and makes his way to the ring*
    And in THIS corner, we have that famous Pokemon Trainer, the owner of Pikachu, please welcome...ASH KETCHUM!

    So, today, we have Ash Ketchum vs Spongebob
  2. lol this is a stupid match... spongebob can barely even lift weights made from teddy bears :terry:
  3. What? I thought you said you wanted to see this.
  4. PROVE IT!
  5. If you changed your mind, then you just wasted my time.


    Delete this page PLEASE! SOMEONE!
  6. No I like this one!

    Spongebob will win.
  7. you're crazy!
  8. Ash, 'cause Spongebob's a crappy show, and Ash got lotz of Pokemon to beat him!
  9. using his pokemon would get him disqualified

    Person vs. sponge. :((
  11. Well what do you know? This isn't such a bad episode after all. Sorry.
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