WWE Episode 15: Santa Claus vs Easter Bunny

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Who will win?

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  1. Santa Claus

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  2. Easter Bunny

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  1. After a long hiatus due to a vacation in California, the next episode of WWE has arrived. You know the drill, 2 wrestlers will fight, and you vote who wins.

    In this corner, we have that fat man in a red suit, the bearer of presents for good boys and girls, please give it up for....SANTA CLAUS!

    And in this other corner, we have the rabbit that gives chocolate eggs, please welcome...EASTER BUNNY!

    It's Santa Claus vs Easter Bunny. WHO WILL WIN?
  2. I've missed these so much :emoji_grin:!!! obviously santa will win... he is magical.. the easter bunny is good for nothing.. whats he going to do.. offer him a chocolate egg? -.-
  3. I know. Personally, I liked Santa better ALL THE TIME!
  4. Please reply.
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