WWE Episode #18: Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Homer Simpson

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  2. Peter Griffin

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  1. Since Raw is tomorrow night, I'm having this fight take place on Raw tomorrow.

    Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to another episode of WWE Raw. Today, we have 2 cartoon dads that are going to beat each other up in front of a live audience.

    In THIS corner, we have that characters from the Simpsons, the father of Bart Lisa and Maggie, please welcome...HOMER SIMPSON!!!
    *Homer doesn't come out yet*

    I said HOMER Simpson!

    Homer: Sorry, I was busy eating a donut. Wait, we're wrestling NOW? Sorry.

    And on THIS corner, we have the father of Meg, Chris, and Stewie, the dad from Family Guy, give it up for...PETER GRIFFIN!


    Both Peter and Homer enter the ring together

    Homer: Hey, fellas, I'm Homer. It is an honor to be here on WWE Raw. Who wants to see me beat the snot out of this knock-off.

    *Simpsons fans cheer*

    Homer: Face it, Peter. I'm gonna kick your ass. You know why? Because your show is a rip-off our show. I mean, you are a ripoff of me. Look at the similarities. You're fat, like me, and you're stupid, like me, and he likes beer, like me. So, why have a cheap knock-off when you can have the ORIGINAL!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Peter: OH YEAH? Well, you SIR, are out-dated, old, no longer funny, and you have GOT to lay off those donuts. People are gearing towards our show now. Plus, unlike you, WE HAVE A TALKING DOG!

    Brian: What's up?

    Peter: So, who wants to see me kick this out-dated loser's ass.

    *Family Guy fans cheer wildly, and the bell rings and the match begins*.

    Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson. Who will win?[/size]

  2. Can you watch this video and then honestly tell me that homer stands a chance against peter?
  3. Who votes Homer? Who votes Peter?
  4. I voted Homer, He's Yellow Dammit :@@
  6. He can take cannons to the gut, he had a boxing fight with Drederick Tatum!
  7. HE LOST
  8. Still a professional Boxer.
  9. and khali is a professional wrestler -.- means nothing
  10. Yeah, Yellow is awesome.
  11. this dude doesnt even watch wwe. Voted for him to be banned, dont care on the winner. Start watching wwe.
  12. Dude, what's your problem? I'm not even doing anything.
  13. Sorry dude, just wondering why i took 2 weeks off and came back to this STILL being on the forums. Please start getting into WWE as this is the main topic of the forums, or maybe just post this in the lockerroom. These are worthwhile to read, but knowing you know 0 about what is happening in the wwe universe makes me loathe these posts. Sorry.
  14. Be nice aids
  15. It's a game. I put two people in the WWE arena, like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, and you vote who should win the match.
  16. I think he wants you to post more in other wwe threads instead of just doing these.

    do you watch wwe?
  17. Sometimes, but not always. Usually, I just play the WWE video games.
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