WWE Episode #21: Spider-Man vs Batman

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Sep 1, 2012.

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Who will win tonight's match?

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  1. Spider-Man

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  2. Batman

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  1. Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to today's episode of WWE! Today's contestants both just got a gritty reboot/sequel recently, and to promote it, they have arrived on WWE to fight each other in this next amazing match.

    In THIS corner, we have the web-slinging superhero, the wall-crawler...SPIDER-MAN!

    *Crowd cheers with excitement as Spider-Man crawls down from the wall and web-slings his way to the ring*

    And in this OTHER corner, we have an equally popular superhero, the star of The Dark Knight Rises...BATMAN!!!!

    *Crowd cheers wildly as Batman crashes his Batmobile through the wall and walks towards the ring, where he stares down Spider-Man*.

    This is going to be an AMAZING WWE match. Who would've thought we'd see Batman fighting Spider-Man.


    Now, you must decide who will win this WWE match and give your reason why.
  2. Batman doesnt even have powers!!!!! SPIDERMAN WILL WIN!!!
  3. He doesn't indeed. But, don't forget, Batman has an enormous assortment of gadgets to help him fight.
  4. Spiderman can trap batman in his web and he wont be able to move!
  5. Spiderman or Batman?
  6. Batman is also proficient in multiple martial arts, however with his heightened agility and reflexes Spidey picks up the win IMO.
  7. Batman for me. He has too many gadgets he could use.
  8. Koming soon.......
  9. Kony vs Jimi Hendrix
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