Extreme Rules WWE ER 2013 a TV-14 PPV?

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    This is only SPECULATION, This may be fake or a mistake from WWE.

    What do you guys think of this?
  2. Good idea I guess, and pretty much confirms there'll be blood.
  3. ER should be 14. It's supossed to be violent. And yeah Ryb /Cen or HHH/lesn will have blood
  4. TLC as well. And maybe Hell in a Cell
  5. I believe it's just a caution, because it's on PPV they can do things not allowed on RAW/SmackDown, they never do though.
    When I order it on Virign it says it's rated 18, so take this with a pinch of salt.
  6. Also, why is it on for 6.5 hours?
  7. They do repeats afterwards.

    Anyway, RAW is TV-14 here in the UK isn't it? Or at least we get the pre-show warning anyway.
  8. 2 Theories about that

    1. Its live so they are most likely given a time slot and asked for a big time slot because its live and can run over if they were given 2 hours or something

    2. Re-runs
  9. Ah, repeats here don't start until 9am the following morning :sad:

    We get a message saying it's a post-watershed production, just cause it's like a post-9pm show but we don't have like TV-14 stuff here.
  10. I think all PPVs are TV-14. Ring of honor is also a PG rated program but all their PPVs are TV-14. By simply making them PPVs they get harder for kids to get a hold of since their parents have to buy it and thus consent to what the kid is seeing.
  11. How are they harder to get hold of? Here you just click buy through your remote and it's done :shock:
  12. Because it costs money. A PPV is an active purchase. Turning on the TV to watch RAW on USA is much easier and any kid can do that. To watch a PPV they have to either be making their own money (which means they are mature enough to make the decision themselves and probably are over 14 anyway) to purchase it with, or get their parents permission and money to do it. That means that the parent has to actively agree that what their child might see on the PPV is okay. Which throws the rating out of the window.
  13. I see.

    I wonder how many don't even tell their parents though. I'd say it's more than 50% of all kids who get it.
  14. #RandomPercentagesForTheWin
  15. The parents will still clearly see the TV14 rating when they check the PPV in whatever PPV service they have to buy it. If a parent is responsible, they will ask their kid "You know this is TV-14 right? You sure you are up for this?". but most parents should also know that the rating system doesn't really matter in that sense since making a show TV14 doesn't automatically mean there will be blood or swearing, just that it might happen. Both things that are also legal to have under the PG rating (case in point Ring of Honor). Plus most parents buying wrestling ppvs for their kids know what WWE are doing since they are either fans themselves, watch it with their kids or get to know what is going on by their kids.
  16. "You sure you're up for this?"

    I laughed so hard.
  17. It's what I would ask my kid if they wanted to watch a TV-14 or rated R movie/event. I'd make sure that they know what it is that they will be watching. Don't be a dummy...dummy.
  18. Yeah, a rated R thing. Not TV-14. This day and age most kids have seen X rated content before they should've even seen TV-14.

    I'm not a dummy :pity:
  19. Sure you're a dummy....dummy :otunga:
  20. What's with the dummy :shock:

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