WWE Erase's Chris Benoit

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gareth, Jun 18, 2013.

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    The WWE is treating Chris Benoit like he never existed; The WWE seemingly erased Chris Benoit from history!

    The URLs of nearly every page related to Benoit on the WWE web site have now redirected to the main page, WWE.com. For instance, this URL should be the Benoit bio page, but that page has been discarded. The WWE has also pulled Benoit’s DVD, action figures, and tee shirts from WWEshop.com. Wrestling fans are not stupid they won’t simply forget about all of Chris Benoit accomplishments in wrestling just because the WWE is playing deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to Chris Benoit.

    It's obvious why the WWE doesn't want to be associated with Benoit, who killed his wife, his son and himself, but simply pretending he doesn't exist is the wrong way to go about it. A much better approach would be annotating the pages related to Benoit with information about the investigation, and with information about what the WWE has done to cut down on steroid use among its wrestlers. The Benoit story won't go away, and the WWE shouldn't pretend it will.
  2. ...I'm 98% sure that everyone here knows.
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  3. If i had a penny for everytime i have seen this thread......:dawg:
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  4. They aren't erasing him he's been on a few DVDs, they just don't advertise him.
  5. What should they do? WWE looks back at Chris Benoit's illustrious career. Why would they want to promote him?
    He's still there, they just don't promote him.
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  6. You must have been listening in English class today.
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  7. Who's benoit?
  8. it was news to me. I was always like "where is chris benoit on the top 10?" and "why didnt they make a biography dvd for him after he killed his family and himself?"

    But seriously, the fact they choose to ignore what he endured and what most likely tipped him over the edge (concussions, roids, tampons) instead of promote caution in the workplace is the real shame. Not that it would work out.
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  9. Control C Control V
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  10. Smart move to distance themselves from him.
  11. They don't forget about his career. He's in all those title history pages on their site. Shit, he's even in their official encyclopedia.

    He just isn't promoted because what he did was an awful thing to do, regardless if he was sane or not at the time.

    Why the hell would they want to openly promote someone that killed his wife, his son and himself? Acknowledging he existed is good enough.
  12. What Benoit done was hardly a thing to shout about from the the rooftops so why would they promote a murderer,he was a great wrestler no one can take that away from him but they are not going to promote someone who killed their own family and wwe don't need this as its not good for business.
  13. I find it odd that when they got rid of one of the sets of tag team titles, it was the World Tag Team Titles that was abolished rather than the WWE Tag Team Titles (yeah, big difference in name) because one half of the latter's inaugural champions was Chris Benoit. Strange thing for them to do if they want to distance themselves from mentioning Benoit as much as possible. On a separate note, they got rid of 30-40 years of established history with those belts as well, which is also odd.
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  14. I don't mind WWE not glorifying his name because that is justifiable.

    If you go on WWE.com, and check the Royal Rumble 2004 page; it will tell you Benoit won the RR, but you have to go right into the results page which is fair. Same goes with his WM XX victory.

    Does kind of look awkward though that RR 2004 and WM XX doesn't actually show any pictures of the winner of their main events and no pictures at all of the WM XX MAIN EVENT.

    You even have people commenting on the WM XX page asking where the pictures of the main event are.....
  15. To be fair it's still more credit to WWE then what people give them. People basically claim that WWE is clearing it's history of Benoit, which in truth they aren't. They are just not promoting it, and for a fair reason. Whether it's a conspiracy or not, on paper and in the media it says the Benoit killed a woman, a child, then himself. I think most people need to understand that you can't run a world wide business with someone like that being associated in your product. They aren't taking away his wins, his reigns, or his records, they are just not promoting it, which is understandable.
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  16. Chris Benoit? Did Jericho changed his last name?

    Ok, I agree with you. For me I think Benoit is a victim. He did not know what he was doing when he killed his family. I am sure he was so sad and mad to himself. He is a victim, not a murder. All the chair shots to head, all those diving headbutts caused that. He took some painkillers and also drugs ok but I believe this had caused because of all that damage in his brain. They said his brain was like 75 year alzheimer guy. Think about Mohammad Ali, if he had some kind of this thing, will boxing world just erase him from history? No! WWE is doing business ok but I don't think it is right and faithful.
  17. Comparing Ali to Benoit is a huge stretch. Benoit was a great wrestler no doubt, but Ali also had lots of stuff outside the ring that showcased him. If WWE did this to Hogan, then it could be a comparison.
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