WWE European Dates!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by akapablo_, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Here are dates for WWE’s next European tour in November:
    November 6: Belfast, Ireland
    November 7: Dublin, Ireland
    November 8: Brussels, Belgium
    November 9: Birmingham, England
    November 10: Cardiff, Wales
    November 11: Manchester, England TV
    November 12: Newcastle, England
    November 13: Zurich, Switzerland
    November 14: Roeun, France
    November 15: Marseille, France
    November 7 Barcelona, Spain
    November 8: Gdansk / Madrid
    November 9: Munich, Germany
    November 10: Glasgow, Scotland
    November 11: N/A (All talent at Raw TV)
    November 12: Manchester, England TV
    November 13: Nottingham, England
    November 14: Leeds, England
    November 15: London, England
    November 16: Minehead, England

    WWE is coming to England...
  2. Fuck it going to England m8, Its coming to an arena 2 miles away from me in Glasgow! FUCK YEAH!
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