WWE-EWR: Summer 2016

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    The Roster

    My roster is identical to WWE's current roster, No call ups or signings yet.

    The Story So Far

    Wrestlemania 32
    The Story So Far (open)

    n front of sell out 100,000 person crowd the show opened with the Intercontinental Championship ladder match.

    Notable Matches from Wrestlemania 32

    Orton Vs Owens Vs Zayn Vs Stardust Vs Ryder Vs Styles

    These 6 men battled it out in a brutal match, Owens had his title retained for sure when Orton ran up behind him with a low blow and pushed Owens from the top and secured the title for himself.

    League Of Nations W/ Del Rio Vs The New Day

    Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett Vs Xavier, Kofi and Big E

    Rusev was down on the outside with Big E after a spear through the ropes, Xavier took a brogue kick from Sheamus and gets knocked out flat in the middle of the ring. Sheamus picked up Kofi and held him up for a Bullhammer. Barrett takes too long in his cocky wind up and Kofi dodges, Barrett unintentionally takes out Sheamus and Kofi rolls up Barrett for the win.

    Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar

    Ambrose has Lesnar won, Ambrose with a barbed wire baseball is waiting like an animal stalking his prey for Lesnar to get up, he's getting ready to swing. Ambrose goes for it but Heyman grabs his legs and Ambrose falls flat on his fall into the wire. Lesnar man handles Ambrose and gets him up for an F5 down in the middle for the 3 count.

    Bray Wyatt calls out The Undertaker for a rematch, The Undertaker does not show up and does not appear at Wrestlemania 32.

    Main Event

    WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship Match

    Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins Vs Triple H

    Triple H won the WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble screwing Roman Reigns by entering 30 and stealing the WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship. Seth Rollins made a shocking return at WWE Roadblock attacking both Dean Ambrose and Triple H mid match and holding the title above his head. Rollins who never lost his title watched his rematch and the stage was set for Wrestlemania.

    Triple H and Rollins took Reigns out early taking turns punishing Reigns for even challenging them, Triple H set up Reigns on the announce table and Rollins hit a frog splash off the barricade through the table but their teamwork did not last long. Triple H instantly grabbed Rollins and tossed him into the steel steps, the beat down continued the whole match.

    Reigns finally got back up and took the fight to Triple H and hit a superman punch, Triple H fell through the ropes to the outside. Rollins down in the corner struggling to get up as Reigns walked over towards him, the fear in Rollins face. For a moment Reigns even took sympathy for the man as he clutched his injured knee, Reigns puts out his hand to help the man up as they look at their common enemy starting to climb back in the ring but it didn't last long. Rollins hits a low blow on Reigns, Seth then runs towards Triple H and drop kicks him off the apron showing his knee was fine this whole time. Rollins goes in for a curb stomp on Reigns but Reigns moves, hits the ropes and spears Rollins down for the win. Roman Reigns is the new WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Champion and his two year battle with the authority is over.

    Fast forward to August 1st 2016

    Roman Reigns has been suspended for his 1st violation of the Wellness Policy and the WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship has been vacated. A tournament to crown the new champion began at Battleground with the semi finals being co main events. King Barrett was kicked out of the League Of Nations the next night on Raw after a beatdown and has not been seen since. Randy Orton has crushed the competition in his way as the new Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose has shown a new anger in the past few months after his Wrestlemania victory was stolen from him, The New Day have continued to hold the Tag Team Titles since Wrestlemania.

    Battleground 2016 Notable Results

    WWE Global Championship Match

    Kalisto Vs Sheamus

    Winner: Sheamus

    WWE Womens Championship Match

    Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte W/ Dana Brooke

    Winner: Sasha Banks Via DQ

    WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship Semi Finals No.1

    John Cena Vs AJ Styles

    Winner: John Cena

    WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship Semi Finals No.2

    Seth Rollins Vs Neville

    Winner: Seth Rollins

    Championships (open)

    WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship

    Reign: 14 Days

    WWE Global Championship


    Reign: <1 Day
    WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Randy Orton

    Reign: 4 Months

    WWE Tag Team Championships

    The New Day

    Reign: 11 Months

    WWE Womens Championship


    Reign: 4 Months

    Raw 5 Things Happening On Week 1 (open)




    Tonight live on Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins and John Cena will face off one on one in the main event tonight for the vacant WWE Worldwide Heavyweight Championship.



    After losing her Womens Championship Match via DQ from a brutal attack from Dana Brooke mid match, Sasha Banks will get her one on one rematch tonight in a NO DQ and NO COUNT OUT MATCH! Rumor backstage is that Sasha Banks has called on a friend to even the odds.



    Live on Raw tonight Chris Jericho and Randy Orton will be sitting down for The Highlight Reel to discuss Randy Orton's opponent at Summerslam and his opinions on being IC Champion for the last 4 months.



    Straight off the success of his hit TV Show "Ballers", The Rock will return to Monday Night Raw in front of a live crowd and rumor buzzing around is he has a big announcement about Summerslam.



    "Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman" will be echoing around the arena tonight as not only will Brock Lesnar be returning but Paul Heymen as well. The Beast is riding high of his win at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt but will the controversy surrounding his win be weighing down on him tonight?

    I will be writing a summary and a finish to each match and also writing any segments that air.

    Any and all advice and criticism is welcome and encouraged.
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