WWE expected to bring back Attitude Era stars earlier than expected

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. PWTorch
  2. How about you switch back to 2 hours and you won't need to rely on part time wrestlers for ratings.
  3. How about building new stars?
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  4. This.
  5. Thin talent roster? Are you fucking kidding me, they have PLENTY of people to fill the three hours of Raw with, they are just to lazy to build up stars.
  7. I actually enjoy the older stars when they come back for matches. Especially the rock because he still has a lot to offer. I'd be interested to see stone cold though a.s.a.p. Lesnar is just mehhhh who cares it's lesnar, we get it dude. You're big and scary
  8. Just get better storylines ffs. Though 2 hours wouldn't hurt.
  9. Lesnar lost all his momentum after losing to Cena
  10. Not really. He looked like a monster and destroyed him.
    If Cena fucking just took a break and was taken out on a stretcher, it would've been awesome.
    Also he gained some momentum back when he beat HHH.
  11. I still think using Lesnar that way and making him lose after two moves was really stupid.
  12. Who do you have to build the stars, that's the problem IMO. You need to bring these guys back in the short term to help build the next guys, is Cena as big without beating JBL, HHH, HBK and others ? No, same with Punk / Cena and others going through history. Taker, HHH, Brock, Rock, Cena, Orton and the other "AE" stars are welcome back but use them to put over your current guys not clashing against each other.
  13. Exactly, but the problem is they never do that. Look at Lesnar. They brought him back, he jobbed to Cena and beat HHH, no new talent helped. Undertaker has wrestled HBK and HHH in the last four WMs, no new talent helped. HHH buried Punk last year, beat Nash, jobbed to Taker and then Lesnar. No new talent helped. I can't remember Cena's last clean loss, Rock has beaten Cena and that's it, and Orton is willing to put guys over but Vince doesn't do that. The problem is that they use the AE stars as a short-term fix instead of utilizing them to propel new stars that will help in the future. Instead of jobbing them out, they put them over new stars or over one another. They never use them correctly.
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  14. They should switch to 2 hours and any additional stuff they wanted to use for Raw could be used for Main Event. What they really need is a new top face (that isn't Gaymus)
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