WWE expected to release wrestlers soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Nov 18, 2012.

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  2. They've released like 3-4 developmental wrestlers already so this is most likely true. Also the simplest guys to release
  3. I wonder who's leaving. :hmm:
  4. Did Linda not realise how selfish she was being? She affected the product so much, yet she didn't give a shit as long as it meant better for HER. Asshole.
  5. Well she got raped by poll votes, justice.
  6. I think she didn't really care. Really selfish indeed. It was probably good for the ones who would be released though :hmm:
  7. I know, dumb ass bitch :finger:
  8. I wonder who they'd actually will release. Seems like they have some sort of idea of what to do with people even midcarders, they reportedly already have a plan to team Bourne up with Kidd or another high flier when he returns from injury to put in the tag division so they seem to plan for most guys.

    But here is my list of who I think will go.
    Mason Ryan
    Big Zeke
    Scott Stanford (sadly)
    Alicia Fox.

    Those are who I see as most likely to be let go.
  9. Wonder if people like Zeke, Tatsu, JTG will be leaving.. Tatsu most unlikely since he's probably a draw in Asia.
  10. Weird thing is as long as they have Tensai they have a reasonably big draw in Japan. Tensai was a big draw as Giant Bernard
  11. I guess it'd be something along those lines. I don't think Yoshi's getting released though.
  12. We say Tatsu every year, he's never being released; someone needs to keep Sheamus in line.
  13. True they need someone to keep that Strawberry yogurt colored carrot in line.
  14. Mason Ryan I'd say is a high chance with so many others similar to him and better like Barrett.

    Plus the emergence of Ryback on the main roster and the continued development of Big E on NXT!
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