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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Ok I know some of you dont like me but this is a true story from this morning 3rd November 2012. WWE Raw brand are currently in Manchester, England on this Europe tour there doing right now and they have a show here tonight. They travelled from Newcastle, England last night from that show to a hotel in Manchester where I work and guess what I got to serve some of them! OMG it was so amazing :emoji_slight_smile: I so badly wanted to fangirl like crazy but I couldnt since I work in the hotel and have to stay professional. The ones that actually dined in the restaurant for breakfast were Vickie, Eve, AJ, Kane, CM Punk, John Cena, Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. The rest of the Raw roster whoever is on this tour must of had room service as only those ive listed came into the restaurant. They were all very nice and polite, some of them did look a bit tired and rough which is to be expected as WWE's heavy schedule must be knackering

    Interesting notes:

    CM Punk and AJ sat together alone I have to admit they looked very cosy!

    Kane sat on his own and worked on his laptop while eating breakfast he looked nerdy lol but he is so huge in person and polite and thanked us for the breakfast and service

    John Cena, Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow sat and had breakfast together, John talked to them about weights he lifts and what body parts he works out on, Zack mentioned to John about Dwayne dressing up as green Hulk for halloween from that photo Dwayne tweeted and John laughed about the pic and gave some comment which I didnt hear as I was walking into the kitchen - wow I guess him and Dwayne really do have legit heat

    When Daniel Bryan arrived in the restaurant for breakfast John gave a weird look towards Daniel like he didnt want him sitting next to him and in fact Daniel sat on another table from them three I guess John boy has a problem with Daniel. Same goes for Antonio Cesaro he sat on a different table.

    Have to say Eve looked a right state she doesnt look good first thing in the morning

    Vickie is very small in person and im alot taller since im 5ft9 but she was so lovely and beautiful I have so much respect for her

    Thats about it from my experience. They have stayed in this hotel a few times since I have worked there for nearly 3 years and its very interestng to see them out of character and what there really like. Thanks for reading and you can reply to this if you want to
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  2. Sounds interesting, Cena and Rock having legit heat is likely also IMO. Given how their paths have altered with the business.
  3. Pretty cool, must've been a great experience indeed.
  4. Pretty cool. Johnny boy no likey independent "stars"?
  5. Good to know that Punk has acquired a new target for his...er, missile.

    Interesting if Cena and Bryan don't like each other, as they are pretty much polar opposites in the perceptions that people have of them, particularly the IWC.

    Kane was probably working on his blog. Since the election is Tuesday, it's probably a pretty busy time for it.

    You mention Kane's politeness. I would hope they were all relatively polite.

  6. Okay firstly, it must be awesome that you saw them and served them etc. But you can't type something like "John laughed about the pic and gave some comment which I didnt hear" and follow it up with "wow I guess him and Dwayne really do have legit heat".

    Same goes for the Cena/Bryan "heat". But seriously, nice one.
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  7. Crayo from what I saw from being around them the actions were very telling. John having a sly laugh at the mention of Dwayne's hulk pic those two seriously must have legit issues with each other both are from different eras and both claim to be the best well at Wrestlemania 28 we all saw who the better man was Dwayne Johnson. And I saw with my own eyes the look John gave towards Daniel and it totally showed he isnt buddies with him. I think John boy must feel threatened that an indy guy can make it in WWE. CM Punk has made it and now has Daniel Bryan I think John needs to realise he wont always be the golden boy
  8. Well John was one of the biggest reasons Daniel Bryan got his job back when he was originally fired... that's more telling than a look. As for your Rock v Cena argument, kayfabe wins again.
  9. A sly laugh does not mean heat. I laugh slyly at things people I know do but it does not mean I have heat with them. It just means I think it was silly. You cannot assume things just based on things you saw from working within a kitchen. You were nowhere near enough to judge Cena's full physical reaction to any of the situations.
  10. Sounds pretty cool, perks of the job haha.
  11. Damn right perks of the job I get closer to them than you get at a show and seeing them out of character and being themselves is very interesting
  12. I would have assumed that Cesaro hasn't been in the WWE long enough to already be having legit problems with anyone, but you never know - it only takes a minute to make a bad impression I guess!
    You could just imagine how much food would be put away with guys like Cena, Kane and Sandow at a table!
  13. They didnt really eat much from what I noticed but yeah all those guys must eat alot which must be hard when your on the road all the time and eating the right foods that are not always available must be tricky
  14. Yeah I've read numerous reports that some of their diets pretty much consist of just fast food, shocking when you see what shape they're in.
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