Extreme Rules WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

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  1. Others coming soon. and match card subject to change.

    Quick note some of these matches haven't been announced yet.The match might happen, as remember it's just a prediction. It may not take place, as wwe like to change things up sometimes at the last minute.

    So enjoy
  2. Is there a reason the voice over is skipping or like, stopping all the time and then restarting?
  3. I attempted to make it longer it somewhat worked.But this only happens at the start
  4. I see, it sounded at first like a computer voice lol.
  5. with a northern irish accent?
    save a lot of time lol
  6. Lol that's what made me change my mind. You have to stop the gaps though lol, it can get quite irritating when we're trying to listen/watch and you're like "with the voice of.... .... .... ... central gaming" lol.
  7. WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions Santino Marella vs The Miz United States Championship
    now up
  8. Where's the PPV prediction thread contest @[Dolph'sZiggler]
  9. Good point, isn't ER this Sunday? :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. yeah hence why these are here:pity:
  11. :matt:
  12. wonder if wwe announce another before the ppv.Or just on the night
  13. 3 days left and btw you can add another smiles on this


    Roy Hodgson troll face
  14. no roy?
  15. Recommend him in the smiley request thread, not here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  16. Hope it gets in:terry:
  17. Not long left now
    funny how i had one prediction wrong for a bit.Now it will take place
  18. they going to in diva match?
  19. lol.... good videos... can't wait for this event :emoji_grin: guys... we will do live chat while watching... here NO ADVERTISING RIVAL SITES.
  20. :ace: <-----
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