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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 3, 2014.

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  2. A First Blood match wouldn't make too much sense considering Kane is wearing a mask. I know he wore a mask during Austin/Kane, but it was retarded then, too. If anything, a Stretcher Match (considering Kane injured Bryan to the point of where Bryan had to wear a neck brace, which was part of the same set up for the Stretcher Match between Kane and Shane McMahon at Survivor Series 2003) or a Last Man Standing match would make sense.

    As for the Payback PPV, Bray Wyatt is likely the next in line to get a title shot. He's clearly going over Cena at Extreme Rules, and there isn't a better way to maintain the momentum that Wyatt has at the moment than to feud with Bryan over the championship next. The two have history, Bray picked up a clean victory in their first encounter, and there's more at stake this time with the title on the line. Plus, Bryan going from defeating one monster (Kane) to facing another one (Wyatt) is a nice transition, especially since Bray is a "monster" that Bryan has already faced once and failed to overcome. Bray can also draw attention to the fact that he defeated Kane in his first match in WWE, and thus is a much more credible threat to Bryan's WWE Championship than The Big Red Machine was.
  3. How was the match retard? LOL! It was great match and it was beliveable back the Kane said it lose he would set himself on fire! And I think 1st Blood would work today, if not for the "PG" rating. As for Bray Wyatt getting the next title shot I don't think so That fight already and I think it too soon for though to, too face one another again right now. I really CM Punk come back and does a feud with him. Payback is after all in Chicago, Illinois again for the 2nd year straight why is that I have no Idea!? But maybe CM Punk come back? I can see them doing a build were HHH and Speatilame get so piss and debete to get the belt off of Byran that they make the call to get CM Punk and that do. Punk turn heel and face Byran.
  4. Don't mean to rag on you, Gohan, but there's so much dead air in this video. You can cut the video down quite a bit since the way it is it just feels like a marathon to sit through and it's hard to pay attention to all the points you make.

    You can do better than this.
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  5. i don't have time to edit video dude.
  6. You are a deity.
  7. Are you on Aderall?
  9. Wouldn't want you to. Not only would it make your videos stand out less since everyone else does that, but that's not your style. It's not something Gohan would do.

    After this NBA game goes off I'll try to watch this thing and offer some constructive criticism (other people can probably do that better anyway) but right now, all I can say is that those of us who are interested in watching your videos do so as a way to get excited for Extreme Rules and know your thoughts on it.

    As for now, I'm 4 minutes into your video and you've only said one real line about the card, and that's "I think this match is fucking stupid". You can keep your intro and some of that miscellaneous ranting in, that's you being yourself, but 4 minutes is a little over the top, don't you think?
  10. well like i said i don't take notes i do on the fly. and some time over rant on a match that just how i am.
  11. Wyatt and Bryan wrestled each other in what would have been over four months ago by the time Payback arrives. And it was only one match, so it's not like their feud is over-saturated or anything. Like I said, there'd be more at stake this time and Bryan has yet to pick up a victory over Wyatt, so there's an extra selling point to the feud as compared to before. Since late last year, Wyatt has feuded with Punk and Bryan, then with just Bryan, then The Shield, and now with Cena. That's an impressive list of opponents to instigate a rivalry with back to back, and unless Wyatt and Cena fight in a rubber match at Payback (wouldn't surprise me), I'm not sure who else Wyatt could wrestle next to remain in his position of at least the upper-midcard. Sheamus?

    I like the idea of Punk returning and putting over Bryan, but I can't see Punk returning, instigating a fresh heel turn, and then jobbing to Bryan right out the gate (especially in Chicago.) Corporate sell-out Punk sounds like an interesting idea, but not if it's meant to last no more than one month. And a heel Punk winning the strap isn't feasible either unless you want to see Punk lose the title right back to Bryan immediately because there aren't a whole lot of babyface challengers out there for him to defend against at the moment - Triple H, Lesnar, Cena (technically a babyface, but half of the crowd hates him), Orton, Batista, Wyatt, Cesaro (he has the crowd support, but he's going to be predominantly feuding with babyfaces since he's associated with Heyman), etc.
  12. Now Bryan should surely retain, and Shield should win there match, as we all know Batista is gonna be written off so they'll probably make him sustain a storyline injury tonight, i wanna see Wyatt win his match. He has great heat going in with that segment last Monday. About the Pee Wee shit, couldn't care less but then care more, it's interesting with El Torito for the guy is actually like a wreslter with a few of his moves, Swoggle is cool with his heel character but he can't wrestle. Paige will definently retain her title, BNB is my pick to win back the IC title, it'll be great for him and it will push him back up to like the major card. I heard about a Triple Threat match and all I remember is RVD in it... he'll probably win that.Then I heard about the Tag title match but I couldn't follow WWE this past week with a family emergency.I'll be sure to see the results tonight.
  13. I don't think we should get Wyatt/Bryan yet. If they wanted to set up Wyatt/Bryan for Summerslam, I think that would be awesome, but it leaves Bryan and Wyatt with no opponents for Payback and MITB. I would have Orton cashing in his rematch clause at Payback and a Wyatt feud with Sheamus wouldn't be bad. Remember, Payback is a B-PPV and I think they'll play up one of two things for the Chicago crowds: either a Punk return or a Punk burial. But, you need to set up the Bryan/Wyatt feud needs to be huge (considering how over both guys are) and it should have a "big fight feel" that will be difficult to accomplish at Payback. Plus, it will either be the coronation of Bray Wyatt (I can see some sort of "Reign of Terror" angle coming out of that) or Bryan overcoming the huge odds of having to deal with Rowan and Harper and I think that needs to be saved for Summerslam.

    Corporate Punk would be an amazing character if he's going to come back. I actually think that would be just as legitimate a Summerslam opponent for Bryan, but, again, having him return at Payback just to face Bryan as a heel and lose with no more than a little build at a B-PPV sounds like a huge waste of an opportunity.

    He's a 4-time former Mini-Estrella champion in AAA down in Mexico. He's been wrestling since 1984.

    El Torito

  14. Predicting that the triple threat elimination match will be MOTN.
  15. I can see the Bryan v Kane feud continuing until Payback. The feud has lots still to offer in terms of bringing up their past tag-team partnership and Dr Shelby, etc. At Payback we could have another stipulation that adds greater interest to the feud, like if Kane loses, he can never challenge for the title again. They could have a double count-out tonight like Cena/Ryback last year and then Evolution/Shield main-event after it. It's hard to see who could move into the title picture if Kane loses cleanly because Batista is leaving and they aren't turning Sheamus until after the European tour in a few weeks.
  16. Isn't the title match an "Extreme Rules Match" (seems like they mentioned that on Raw)?

    I have a feeling that Kane/Bryan only lasts one PPV match and then Kane rides off into the sunset.

  17. Yes, it is. But who challenges Bryan after Kane? That's why I could see them extending the feud 1 more PPV.
  18. Orton still has his rematch clause.

  19. Whoa, I never would of guessed... AAA? Good company...
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  20. Kayfabe it expires after the next PPV or some shit

    They won't do Orton v Bryan again as well lol. Plus, Orton has no momentum whatsoever. He is a less credible challenger than Kane right now.
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