WrestleMania wwe failed again

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Victoria Justice, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. Let's make this clear I hate chris jeritroll but h3e should have won how could they bring chris back with these promos and he looses and he taps out at that fuck I luv cmpunk but he should have lost
  2. I think they made the right choice. CM Punk is the man, and so he needs to be booked strong and carry the championship long term. He also hadn't got a single's victory at Mania yet, so he needed that one.
  3. [align=justify]I think that the match's result was great. CM Punk may be the best in the world, but Chris Jericho is very close. They fought really hard, so no one actually lost IMO.

    CM Punk's a good champion, so let him hold on to it a little longer. I'm not saying Chris isn't championship material, though. I think he's not yet ready because he's been back for only a short while.

    This is my opinion, though. If you think WWE failed, think as so. That's why we have free speech.

  4. I was really into that match. Yet again Punk has another great match on PPV and this time it's with a worthy opponent. The counters, the move where Jericho countered Punk's Hurricanrana to the Walls was pure magic. I really liked that match. I think Punk winning was good, and I had an idea he was going to after the other two title changes in the show.
  5. I want punk to be champ h7t chris put up a great fight I thought he should win
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