WWE False Advertises Big Show For RAW!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Despite being advertised to appear, The Big Show did not appear on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW. Big Show was featured in an actual vignette that aired on SmackDown that promoted him returning on RAW. You can check out that video promo, which WWE still has on their YouTube channel listed as “Big Show returns to Raw!”, below:

  2. Doesn't matter, a mediocre show as it was this week's wouldn't be better with Show imo.
  3. yes but wwe threw money for commeil did ad shit!
  4. It's not really false advertising when it says *card subject to change*
  5. I don't think anyone cared that Big Show no showed Raw
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  6. but that piss money for something that was not going have been on raw!
  7. I was disappointed tbh. I thought BIg Show/DB would happen, and we got fucking Ryback instead.

    Ryback is like the you of WWE. Everyone cringes when they see his dumb ass show up to do anything.
  8. I might be the only one but I really want to see Big Show vs Sheamus again before he retires.
  9. I presumed Bryan was going to go over Ryback and then get demolished by a returning Big Show. Guess not...:upset:
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