WWE Fans in LA :)

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  1. Hi everyone!!!!

    So I'm looking for people to go with to live WWE events in LA. I've actually never gone to an event, and would love to be amongst other passionate fans. I am a college student, friendly, outgoing, and love to meet new people. If theres anybody in LA who is of a similar personality, please PM me so we can start a group, and have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! :emoji_slight_smile:

    I'd prefer someone who is around my age range! lol
  2. I'm 68 and from Sacramento wanna hang out
  3. I was looking for people around my age-range (21).
  4. Welcome to the forum. There are a few members in California. I am sure they will post here soon.
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  5. Yo, from San Diego here and 19 :otunga: Out of curiosity, do you watch TNA and other wrestling companies too?
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  6. You'll have to post a picture of you holding a piece of paper saying "Hi WWEF" with your face in, before you can post a meet-up request. Rules are rules, sadly.
  7. Yeah, rules make the world go around.
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  8. Most overused reply #23

  9. No Im blind asshole. God, have some compassion.
  10. lol like you have standards
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  11. Hey welcome! Sorry, don't live near you and not in the right age range, but I hope you stick around on the site. I'm sure you'll find some people to go with. Watch out fot that @Queen Chrysalis person though! JK. Have fun!
  12. Jonathan with standards? Must be the Apocalypse.
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  13. You forgot to mention you LOVE the dick.
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  14. 11/m/wi here, but i'll kill my parents and move to LA if you are a Miz mark, just like me.
  15. And there goes another female member out the door
  16. It was posted in reply to zack.
  17. :sad: welcome to the story of my life
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  18. I thought in the fleshlight business, making sales was good?
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  19. Only in the summer while wearing a hockey mask at night.
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