News WWE fans rush ring in London

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. 1) Legends
    2) Dumb Fucks
  2. Rumors say there were a couple of "youtubers" who were just there to mock wrestling fans.

    Well now don't they look silly.
  3. So they bought tickets to a show to make an ass of themselves to somehow mock others? Jokes on them
  4. "I'm gonna pay good money to get close to ring side, then rush the ring, film it and post it on youtube, that'll show'em for liking wrestling"
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  6. If that's the case they should have gotten a few stiff shots from any of those wrestlers.
  7. Totally scripted :letroll:
  8. Too many legal repercussions I would guess
  9. They just lucked out on those in the ring.
  10. that looked really fake.
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  11. Morons.
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  12. You mean how the wwe guys in the ring didn't beat on em? Yeah, they were pretty lucky in that aspect. Umaga would've handed them their asses lol
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  13. Has he done that before?
  14. Don't think so, and tbh I'm not 100% sure I got the right wrestler. But some of those samoan guys were supposed to be real life bad asses back in the day. So I've heard anyway
  15. Afa and Sika got their start in the business as marks jumping the rails to attack Patterson during his feud with Maivia (Rock's grandpa). They thought it was real and kept coming back to assault Patterson, who decided to train them and bring them in so he wouldn't die. Then there's the story of them beating up an entire bar.

    And Haku/Meng is the stuff of legends. Breaking handcuffs, ignoring pepper spray, biting of a guys nose, ripping off ears and such as well as never being fired from WCW because no one had the balls to tell him.

    On a darker note, Snuka supposedly killed a woman.

    Yeah, them pacific islanders aren't to be messed with.
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  16. There we go. Think I was thinking of haku
  17. And we want roman on top??? Before we know it, he will be biting Rollins ear off!!
  18. Umaga? Imagine Scott Steiner. Would have chased them backstage, and then back home and beat the shit outta them, then get their moms in a circle and show them why he's the genetic freak! :steiner::steiner::steiner:

    Naw but seriously, they were pretty stupid. Hoped that Cesaro would have laid them out.
  19. Hell Steiner might've even threatened to kill them :hogan:
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