WWE Fans Should Be Excited For Wrestlemania 30 Even If Daniel Bryan Isn't On The Card

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThunderdUp35, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. The GOAT heel returns! Brian Anderson getting heat like nobody else
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  2. Brian,
    Please stop. I love you but I hate you. I will watch WrestleMania whether DB is on the card or not, more or less because of curiosity. However, not putting him on the card, is a big slap in the face at this point. He's pulled in crap loads of money and is viewed as, arguably, the biggest face as of right now. It wouldn't make sense to not have him at your biggest event of the year. Saying we should be excited if he isn't is a slap in the face, too.
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    Furthermore, I'm not furious that DB isn't in the main event of Mania. I would prefer he be in the title picture, after being belittled forever, but I'm fine with him battling Triple H as that's still a big match for him (a lot better than fighting Sheamus). Also, considering how badly the fans are responding to the Orton vs. Batista match at Mania, adding DB into that match would only help at this point. Hell, adding almost any other superstar into that equation would help.

    Case and point, I disagree. DB doesn't need to headline Mania (even though I feel he should), but stating that we should all be excited whether he's in it or not is ridiculous.
  4. Look all the thunderous cheers the crowd is giving him! :cole:
  5. I'm just excited that Hulk is hosting it. So happy to see him back!
  6. Why wouldn't he be on the card? He won't be in the spot that most people would prefer for him to be in (i.e. winning the championship... he could still main event with his match being against Triple H), but no one honestly thinks or expects for him to be left off the card completely.
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