WWE Fantasy League Rules and Basic Layout

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by FailFaceFTW, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Ok, I just set up how I believe this should work. I have no idea if this is like what fantasy football is, I just am listing how this will go.

    Basic Layout
    All current roster superstars (Everyone on the roster on the WWE website) will be involved in the beginning draft, this also includes managers but not general managers. There will be a set of teams to start the draft. If you want to join, please PM me with a message saying that you want to be in the draft and if you want to be in a team with someone else, include that in your message. If you do not request a certain person to be with, you will be put alone. After all of the teams are set, the draft will begin.

    The Beginning Draft
    After the teams are set, a thread will post starting with the list of what order the teams will pick a superstar or diva. Any superstar or diva can only be picked twice to draft. One member of each team must pick a superstar within 24 hours of the start of the post. After all superstars and divas are picked, the Fantasy will begin.

    How points are awarded

    Points will be awarded to each team depending on how their superstars perform.
    0 points: Any loss
    1 point: Basic Win
    2 points: Stipulation Match win or win against a Champion
    3 points: Title win
    5 points: MITB win, Royal Rumble win, Elimination Chamber win

    This is mostly for fun, but there will be a leader board posted every week and the team on top will get +1 rep a piece. This is pending.

    Current Teams:
    No Team: (Lacky), (Asskicker), (Ariana Grande), (Rainman), (mark_htfc),
    Team 1: (Chris1990slater) and (Y2J Enigma)
    Team 2: (Seabs) and (Crayo)
    Team 3: (Vince McMahon) and (Link)
    Team 4: (wwerulesrkolover23) and (R'Albin)

    Please PM Questions or Suggestions.
    This Draft Teams PM Entrance is now closed. You can no longer enter through this thread or PM.
    The Draft will begin on 7:00PM EST on July 23, 2012
  2. You'll have to speak to Crayo but it could be possible for the overall winner, say after a year gets an award of some kind.
  3. Are you participating in the WWE fantasy league Seabs?
  4. Yes, he PM'd
  5. Can I participate? :hmm:
  6. I'd like to be in it
  7. When will the draft take place?
  8. I will be taking part but does anyone want to be on my team?
  9. me i guess
  10. :yes:
  11. I'm a one...man..band...baby!
  12. I'll make an award for this when it's done.

    @[Seabs] let me join your team.
  13. :haha: :finger:

    Go on then, team Awesome it is.


    Wait, why do I have so many people on my team?
  14. What the fuck? @[Seabs], @[Pedobear] & @[R'Albin] have screwed me all over? well screw you :finger:

    @[Crayo] (yes I know it will probably be a 100% fail, but hey who knows when he will turn it back on) do you fancy teaming up with me?
  15. I still have no idea why my team has so many people lol, I thought I was on my todd.
  16. Quoting the fail.

    I might ditch Seabs but I have no idea how to play this and I'm in a cba mood to read OP.
  17. Am i too late? lol
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