WWE Fantasy League Season 1 - Roster Convention #2!

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    You may choose...
    1 Diva
    5 Midcard guys that can be from NXT if you wish
    1 Main Eventer.

    If you want to have more than 1 diva then that amount is subtracted from the allowed number of midcarders.

    Roman Reigns, John Cena and Brock Lesnar are not available for drafting. This is to keep the game fair for those who get to draft last, or the one's who don't have these guys.​

    Available Roster (open)

    • Big E

    • Kofi Kingston

    • Xavier Woods
    • Zack Ryder
    • Curtis Axel
    • Fandango
    • Heath Slater
    • Ryback
    • Titus O’Neal
    • Triple H
    • Divas:
    • Emma
    • Eva Marie
    • Layla El
    • Naomi
    • Alicia Fox
    • Cameron
    • Rosa Mendes
    • Tamina
    • Injured or Inactive
    • Brad Maddox
    • Christian
    • Daniel Bryan
    • Darren Young
    • Wade Barrett
    • NXT:
    • Alexa Bliss
    • Angelo Dawkins
    • Becky Lynch
    • Bayley
    • Bull Dempsey
    • CJ Parker
    • Jason Jordan
    • Marcus Louis
    • Mojo Rawley
    • Sasha Banks
    • Sawyer Fulton
    • Scott Dawson
    • Simon Gotch
    • Sylvester Lefort
    • Travis Tyler
    • Tye Dillinger
    • Corey Graves
  2. (Active) Main Eventers:

    If you don't like Kane you could replace them with someone else, remember you can choose injured competitors, Delik.
  3. Who's the entire roster that's available?
  4. Is this where I trade someone out for THE BIG GUY!?
  5. Everything in the spoiler, in the OP.
  6. You shouldn't have said that, Delik has to go first since he's a new member. He might pick him up. You better swap some points handsomely for him :dawg:
  7. Wait do we all have to pick again now? Or is it just cause delik is joining?
  8. I think only Delik has to pick from the scraps available..

    @TheBrownienator would you be willing to trade Damien Mizdow for Baron Corbin?
  9. Oh well, @Delik - you can take Ryback if you want him then. I just wanted to pick him up since he came back. Get rid of Adam Rose lol
  10. I see like 4 other people out there that you could/should replace Adam Rose with :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. Ziggler seems to be the only guy that's a downer on my roster.
  12. I don't know, Mizdow is awesome, is there anyone else you're willing to trade for Mizdow?
  13. I can up it to Finn Balor, eh?? :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. This is hard for me to so but DEAL!!!! BALOR POWER!!!!
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  15. @Tsar me and Brownie traded Finn Balor for Damien Sandow(Mizdow)
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  16. I'll probably regret this but you are Sharpy Sandow so he rightfully belongs to you.
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  17. Tsar are you willing to do a diva trade? Nikki For AJ?
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  18. Triple H (guessing Ryback isn't counted as ME? If he is lemme know)

    Big E
    Kofi Kingston
    Xavier Woods

    Alicia Fox
  19. Don't forget your team name. Delik's New Day or something lol
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