WWE Fantasy League Season 1 - Roster Convention!

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  1. A roster convention is basically where you can alter your roster. There will be only one other roster convention in December. This is where you can trade, drop and sign new roster members. But with a price. If you are to trade you must exchange points or another roster member. You may lose your Wild Card number if you are to trade the member who will be representing you in the tournament. To drop/sign a member there will also be a price. If you wish not to participate in the roster convention, it's fine as this is not necessary. You can use credit as well, with credit you use something and pay back a small percent at a time until all that is in debt is paid off. This is something I'm doing as a way to heat up the rosters once again.

    Drop/Sign: 15 points (each)
    Reserve injured talent: 20 points, you must drop a talent.
    Trade: point trade or roster trade.
    Roster Swap: You can swap rosters, if both parties agree. You can change back at the next Roster convention in December if you wish.

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  2. But we can still only have a certain number of people on our rosters and no more right? Just making sure
  3. No one cares to take part in the roster convention?
  4. So I give up points to drop someone and then I give up points again to sign someone?
  5. I'm still contemplating what moves I want to make. Is there a deadline?
  6. Next Sunday.
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  7. Yes.

    You can thin the herd as in make your roster smaller. But you can't exceed the maximum number allowed.
  8. The deadline has been moved down the Friday, 10/23/14.

    If you have any moves you wish to make you have today to make them.
  9. Why would I? I'm kicking arse
  10. I'd like to drop both Slater and Titus and pick up Baron Corbin & Aiden English
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  11. Surprised you didn't take both of the Vaudeville Villians
  12. I am a fan of the Vaudevillains but, I'm still not sold on Gotch; however it looks like Baron Corbin may be getting a strong push even after they're done having him squash jobbers.
  13. Oops go the name wrong. :urm:
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  14. It's okay :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    You got the basic concept of the name right I suppose :hmmm:
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  15. You only have 25 points currently, you would need 60 to make this possible. Would you like to drop and sign on credit? Value over Risk?
  16. If that means go negative then yes I would.
  17. Nah you pay back a certain amount of your points per week to pay it off, I suspect your fine with that if you wish to lose your points and then some, lol.

    5 points per week.
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  18. Okay fair enough, just make sure you don't forget about it, would hate to have the scores get mixed up after this much effort so far.
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