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    Well it's time for the second season of the WWE Fantasy League. The regular season will run from Night of Champions to Royal Rumble with the Championship Series (playoffs sort of deal) running from the Royal Rumble till WrestleMania 32. More details are below. Same rules apply as from the first season, all the rules will be written down in the League Center.

    Regular Season:
    All players who signed up compete every week until the Royal Rumble in January.

    Championship Series:
    The top 2 players, and the Royal Rumble winner (if applicable) compete until WrestleMania 32.

    To sign up, follow the example below...

    Username: Example 1
    Team Name: Example 2

    I'm gonna tag the past competitors.

    @Trip in the Head @Sharpy Sandow @Butters! @Vice @Delik

    @Solidus - Just tagging so you this is up and running again.

    The League Center will be posted shortly...
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  2. Good to see it back. Should get up some extra threads, how to play, rules, things like that.
  3. Working on them, if you can stick these two threads and unstick last seasons, it would be good. Thanks.
  4. Sounds like a sweet deal. Thinking I'll use "Anaconda Vice" as my team name
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  5. Big Dick Kliq reporting for duty.
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  6. Nice. Power Trip as usual. :rollins2:
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  7. @Prince Bálor - Would you like to try? You're one of the few who still watch on a weekly basis, just thinking.

    I'll be going in this year as - The Tsardom
  8. Sure, I'd love to try it. So I just pick any name?
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  9. Yeah. Thanks for helping the cause.:bischoff:
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  10. I am so bad at coming up with names. Well I'll steal a name from an adult swim game: Meowcenaries.
  11. What about the Fox Hole (I'm helping because I'll hate to keep coming back here just to see the name spelling)
  12. Hmmm. That gives me a bit of a weird image. My fantasy baseball team is the 9 Tailed Foxes...I'd probably like that more if that is okay.
  13. Sure. Noted.
  14. So, I just enter my username and come up with a team name (plus choosing 7 WWE roster members) and that's it?
  15. Yeah but you do the last one, in the draft thread.
  16. @Lackin @C.M. Shaddix two active guys, wanna try it out? Will raise the stakes with 8 competitors.
  17. Yh just read the rules. I will take part.

    as for team name gonna go for Guardians
  18. Then it's a no. Thanks for the offer anyway, tho. lol