WWE Fantasy League Season 2 - Update 9/14/15

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    Intro: So, since the founding of this league back in mid-late 2014, it was just a bunch of threads in the WWE section, and now a year later. It's grown very, very much. From getting our own prefix, to getting our own sub-section, to me becoming a section mod, to getting our very own section. It's been a short and very eventful journey. People like @Trip in the Head and @Vice who've been staples in the Fantasy League since Season 1, get a warm thank you from me.

    Update #1: Since we are probably gonna get more members to join up, the sign up thread will be opened up. You'll be able to choose 7 free agents from the left over pool.

    Update #2: If you were kicked out, and want back in, you will be let back in. You'll receive your lost roster members, as well.

    Update #3: A suggestion and question thread will be added for anyone who has a question, concern or just a suggestion. I'll try to check it as soon as possible.

    Update #4: Awards will be handed out on the very first show. The awards aren't the ones posted in the Rules thread. These are show specific.

    Another thanks to @Solidus @Trip in the Head and @Vice for helping out with the Fantasy League. ​
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