WWE Fantasy League Season 2 - Week 1 - Monday Night RAW

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  1. [​IMG]
    Power Trip:
    +6 Points (Braun Strowman attacking Reigns & Ambrose)
    +6 Points (Luke Harper attacking Reigns & Ambrose)
    +6 Points (Bray Wyatt attacking Reigns & Ambrose)
    +10 Points (Sheamus > Mark Henry)
    Show Total: +28 Points

    +6 Points (Roman Reigns attacking Wyatt Family)
    +10 Points (Ryback > Bo Dallas)
    -5 Points (Dudley Boyz < New Day & Rusev)
    -5 Points (Dudley Boyz < New Day & Rusev)
    -10 Points (Cesaro < Big Show)
    Show Total: -4 Points

    9 Tailed Fox:
    +6 Points (Randy Orton attacking Wyatt Family)
    +5 Points (Neville > Cosmic Wasteland)
    +35 Points (Charlotte > Nikki Bella)
    +5 Points (Rusev < Dudley Boyz & DZ)
    Show Total: +51 Points

    Anaconda Vise:
    +8 Points (Kevin Owens attacking Ryback)
    -15 Points (Nikki Bella < Charlotte)
    +5 Points (Big E < Dudley Boyz & DZ)
    +5 Points (Kofi Kingston < Dudley Boyz & DZ)
    Show Total: +7 Points
  2. @Trip in the Head - I feel for ya brother. Hope everything get's better soon.
    @Jacob Fox

    Note - NXT and SmackDown will be compiled together tomorrow. Superstars and Main Event are no longer being taken for points.
  3. Thanks. Nice to see this get going. Not to bad so far. I like the explanation of points
  4. This is really neat. Like Trip above me, I like seeing the point breakdown... that is really neat.

    I tell you though, I'm loving Charlotte about right now :woohoo:
  5. Didn't you guys get the tag for NoC points?
  6. Actually yeah I did, but I didn't scroll up so the only message I saw was the one with the tag.
  7. Looks like you're gonna be Week 1's leader. I've had a horrible week thus far.
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  8. Well my fantasy baseball team stunk like hell this year so I can enjoy at least one good week of this :emoji_slight_smile:
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