WWE Fantasy League Season 2 - Week 2 - Leaderboard!

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    Note - Weekly Totals are the amount of points gained during the week. Season Totals are all the points from the season.
    Note - Yellow means 1st place, Orange means 2nd Place

    Power Trip: 48 Points
    Tsardom: 36 Points
    9 Tailed Foxes: 86 Points
    Anaconda Vice: 67 Points
    Up the Boro: 47 Points
    The OP Team: 9 Points

    Power Trip: 15 Points
    Tsardom: 25 Points
    9 Tailed Foxes: 30 Points
    Anaconda Vice: 25 Points
    Up the Boro: 47 Points
    The OP Team: 9 Points
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    [​IMG] - I'm proud to award @Gav the Champ! With the 'Dark Horse' award. In your first week, you came in 1st place for the week with a massive amount of points. And 3rd place for the season. Congratulations. Not to mention you've been completely undefeated this week and your roster has had a total of 2 matches.

    @Trip in the Head
    @Jacob Fox
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  3. Thank God for that strong first week... I stunk it up on NXT. Congrats, @Gav the Champ!
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  4. You did better than most people. Not to mention, you're still 1st for the season.
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  5. 2nd place is just the first loser :cenanope:
    I got it in the bag next week though. Mark my words :dealwithit:
  6. Last year I was pimpin' and this year I rely on freaking run-in attacks and interferences to get points.
  7. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  8. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  9. Hold up...

    Season 1 rules - [​IMG]
    And look who won - [​IMG]
  10. Wow lol smashed it this week not bad for my first week doing this
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